Each year, the Show brings together more than 100 U.S. and international artisans and dealers, including a number of I.G.M.A. Artisans and Fellows. They offer collectors unique, well-crafted 1-inch, 1/2-inch, and 1/4-inch scale miniatures from around the world.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Qtr-Scale Kits & Foods: Janet Smith, Desert Minis, Inc.

Janet Smith (Desert Minis, Inc.) from New Mexico specializes in a wide range of quarter-scale food, with half-inch scale and 1:144 scale represented. She also offers kits and 3-D printed accessories. Janet is introducing seven new quarter-scale Roombook kits at this year's show. Below are four of the kits. desertminis@gmail.com, http://desert-minis.com/

Wine Lover's Roombook kit - RB-006
Southwest/Chili Roombook kit - RD-007
Cookbook/Kitchen Roombook kit - RB-003. Furnishings are not included. Sold unfurnished.
Cat Lover's Roombook kit - RB-004

Each kits include the 3D printed open book structure, two closed books, book covers, floor and wall coverings and a plastic case to hold the final product. The outside is 2 1/2" by 2 1/2".  The usable floor space is about 2" x 2" and the wall height is 1-13/16".

To see more of Janet's work, go here.

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