Each year, the Show brings together more than 100 U.S. and international artisans and dealers, including a number of I.G.M.A. Artisans and Fellows. They offer collectors unique, well-crafted 1-inch, 1/2-inch, and 1/4-inch scale miniatures from around the world.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

From the Chairman - Good Sam Show 2013 Ad

We would like to share this full-page ad for the upcoming Good Sam Show. It appears on the inside cover of the August 2013 American Miniaturist (Issue #124). Be sure to look for Johannes Landman's table at the 2013 Show.

"Children at a Window, After Waldmuller" (Austrian,1853).

For more information on the 2013 Good Sam Show, go to http://goodsamshowcase.miniature.net/.

Huge Estate Sale - Sept. 28, 2013 in Morgan Hill, CA

The Good Sam Show has been given the extensive miniature estate of a local collector. On September 28 we will offer an estate sale from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at our facility at 315 Digital Drive in Morgan Hill, CA.

We have over 100 lots for sale. There are two large four-foot long dollhouses, several shops and room boxes, and a train layout with a village on it. You will find furniture for gardens and for every room in the house. Most of the miniatures are 1-inch scale. There will also be a special selection of Department 56 figures. Each week on the blog we will share photos of some of the items that will be offered at the estate sale. Please set aside September 28 on your calendar for this exciting sale.

Chateau Rose, exterior view.
Chateau Rose, interior view. Nine rooms with installed wallpaper and lighting.
Living room furniture, 1:12 scale. (Lot #43)
Horse Stable, 1:12 scale. (Lot #20)

Two Openings: "Le Bon Marché" GSAM Workshop

There are two additional openings in Bluette Meloney's "Le Bon Marché" Workshop (Oct 14-18, 2013) at the Good Sam Show Academy. She was able to obtain the materials needed to complete two more structures. Bluette will teach students faux finishes and trompe l'oeil painting techniques.

"Le Bon Marché" prototype as outfitted by Bluette Meloney.

Go to the Good Sam Show Academy website for a detailed class description, information about attending the Academy, and the Registration Form. http://goodsamshowcase.miniature.net/goodsamacademy.htm

Valerie Casson-France: Friday Workshop & More

Valerie Anne Casson of France has been a dealer at Good Sam since 2008. A very versatile artisan, she makes French style dress mannequins, upholstered French benches, silk tuffets, hand-painted and dressed beds, wall paintings, vanity trays, ceramics, toys and more. She also offers workshops.  valcasson@gmail.com, http://www.valeriecasson.com

Friday Workshop: "Wedding Dress, c1895-1910 in 1:12 scale. Students will learn to drape fine fabrics and lace while fashioning in silk, then to embellish with ribbons and sprays of roses. For registration information, go >HERE<
Bridal trunk and mannequin from 2012 Good Sam Show.

Lovely pink silk dress with finished with lace, ribbon and trim.
Hand-painted French style bed dressed in silk with throw pillows and vanity tray. Cordinating night stand.
Exquisitely detailed vanity tray.
Colorful painting of Sunflowers.
Collection of shabby chic birdhouses.

To see more work by Valerie Anne Casson, go here.

Beth Freeman-Kane, So. Africa: Friday Workshop & More

For the first time, Beth Freeman-Kane of South Africa will be a dealer at the Good Sam Show.
She is a professional artist with an extensive following of collectors. The family lives in a log cabin in semi-rural Assagay, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Beth has her own studio at home, which looks out onto a lush green valley with an abundance of bird life. info@bethfreeman-kane.co.za, http://www.bethfreeman-kane.co.za

Friday Workshop: "Chickadee" sculpture vignette of a chickadee perched on a flower pot surrounded by flowers. Students will learn the necessary acrylic painting techniques, put together a few tiny flowers, and add a bit of landscaping. For registration information, go >HERE<
Yellow Warbler on Agapanthus flower (detail to be incorporated into a framed composition).

Barn Owl (detail to be incorporated into a framed composition).
"Garden tap-Oasis" (stand alone sculpture).
"The egg basket" (stand alone sculpture).
"Turning the tables on Etiquette" (stand alone sculpture).
"Agapanthus high tea" (framed composition).
"Something blue" ( framed composition).
"Meerkat manners" (framed composition).

Cascade Miniatures: Friday Qtr-Scale Workshop & More

Luci and Dick Hanson, Cascade Miniatures, have been dealers at Good Sam for the last several years. They manufacture quality hand-finished display cases, room boxes and unique small scale buildings. They also offer furnishings and accessories for the smaller scales. The Hansons often give a workshop at Good Sam, and participate in the Tools & Techniques Program on Sunday morning. hansonminis@me.com, www.cascademiniatures.com

Holiday Living Room in quarter-scale. Class includes Half Round case with LED lighting, fireplace flickering fire and table lamp. Furniture, tree, accessories and more are included. For registration information, go >HERE<
Four room Antebellum Southern Mansion, quarter-scale kit.
Eight room building, quarter-scale kit.
Castle Bookends, quarter-scale kit.

Micro book. Pre-assembled with 3-volt LED lighting installed. Decorate interior and exterior as desired.
Micro Tower kit (in oak). 8-inches tall.
Micro Tower kit, shown painted and decorated.

To see more work by the Hansons, go here.

Tine Krijnen-Netherlands: Friday Workshop & More

For the first time, Tine Krijnen was a dealer at last year's show and offered a workshop. An IGMA Artisan, Tine makes fabulous hand bound miniature books and other fine paper goods. We are pleased that she is returning this year and will offer a different class on bookbinding techniques. Do-it-yourself kits are available for purchase on her website. info@miniatuurboekbinden.nl, www.miniatuurboekbinden.nl

Friday Workshop: "Bookbinding on a Sewing Frame" to make a tiny book from 1730. Students will fold and sew 11 sections using a sewing frame, learn to cut the bookblock and make a leather cover. For registration information, go >HERE<
Handmade book using Tine's techniques.
Tine teaches how to emboss a book using a technique from the 17th century to decorate.

Illustrated book on bookbinding from 1658 by Dirck the Braij (D. de Bray).
The printing in the book is legible and the original illustrations were colored pen drawings.
Mozart book of music. Tine offers several different music sheets on her website.

To see more of Tine's work, go here.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Ruth Stewart: Friday Workshop, Food, Kits, Molds & More

Ruth Stewart, Stewart Dollhouse Creations, creates in 1:12 and 1:48 scales. She offers cakes, cupcakes, desserts, laser cut antique doilies, rugs and more. She has several kits and molds available to buy. Ruth is offering a Friday workshop to teach participants how to use silicone molds while making dozens of Valentine's Day Cookies. (For registration information, go HERE.) With questions, contact  ruth@stewartdollhousecreations.com, stewartdollhousecreations.com.

Friday Workshop using 1:12 scale Valentine's Day Silicone Mold. Also available on line at http://stewartdollhousecreations.com/mold06.
Cupcake Cookie Silicone Mold in 1:12 scale. Available on line at http://stewartdollhousecreations.com/mold11.
Gingerbread Girl Silicone Mold in 1:12 scale. Available on line at http://stewartdollhousecreations.com/mold04. Gingerbread Boy also available on line. Both available in 1:48 scale.
St. Patty's Day Silicone Mold in 1:12 scale. Available online at http://stewartdollhousecreations.com/mold07. Also available in 1:48 scale.
French Macaroon Silicone Mold in 1:12 scale. Available online at http://stewartdollhousecreations.com/mold09.  Also available in 1:48 scale.
1:48 scale 2-Tier Pink Wedding Cake. Available online at http://stewartdollhousecreations.com/m1-48dwc03.
1:48 scale 4-Tier Grand Wedding Cake. Not available online. Please email to order.
2-Tier Montana Flax Wheat Cake in 1:12 scale. Not available online. Please email to order.
Tea and Shortbread Tray in 1:12 scale. Not available on line. Please email to order.
1-Story and 2-Story Log Cabin Kits. Available online at http://stewartdollhousecreations.com/laskithouse01 and http://stewartdollhousecreations.com/laskithouse02.
Small, Medium and Large Felt Pine Tree kits. Available on line at http://stewartdollhousecreations.com/laskit05.
Large and Small Felt Reindeer. Available on line at http://stewartdollhousecreations.com/laskit04.

To see more of Ruth Stewart's offerings go here, here and here.