Each year, the Show brings together more than 100 U.S. and international artisans and dealers, including a number of I.G.M.A. Artisans and Fellows. They offer collectors unique, well-crafted 1-inch, 1/2-inch, and 1/4-inch scale miniatures from around the world.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Dealer Debbie Heard, D. Sierck Ltd: Collectibles, Accessories, Estate Sales

Debbie Heard sells as D. Sierck Ltd and offers a wonderful array of miniatures from private collections and estate sales. These are exceptional items from talented artists of the past as well as the present. “I started making miniatures at the age of 10, my mother, Lola Renner (from Lola Originals), started the business. At age 18, I got my own sellers permit and continued making foods with my mom from then on. Twelve years ago I purchased a very large estate from the son of a good friend that had passed. I really enjoyed selling the collection, and loved the buyer’s reaction to seeing so many wonderful items from the past that were no longer available on the market. I selectively purchase estates from people that have quality, unique offerings. Thus the next generation can enjoy them as much as their last owners treasured them.”

Debbie has been a dealer at our show in her own name since the early 1990's. Debbie's email is fjdebbie@aol.com Writing by Carolynn Walden.

Painting from M. Wolcott of two small dogs
and a Victorian lady's hat

An expertly crafted silver and glass vase by Emily Good

A gardening display by an unknown artist
with all the accessories

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Barbara Greene and Luci Hanson

This lovely quarter-scale bathroom and bedroom were found on the table of Barbara Greene of Silver Fox Creations, one of our Canadian Dealers. The furniture is Bespaq. Barbara is the exclusive distributor of Bespaq quarter-scale furniture with its hand-painted the flowers on the white furniture. Barbara used a hardwood display case with two inserts by Luci & Dick Hanson, Cascade Miniatures. Cascade Miniatures is also a dealer at the Good Sam Show. Web sites for both dealers are at http://www.silverfoxcreations.com and http://www.cascademiniatures.com

Click on pictures to enlarge them.
First view of Barbara Greene roombox

Second view of Barbara Greene roombox

Exhibits - Don Silva

This delightful exhibit was brought to the 2013 Good Sam Show by Don Silva. Please enjoy all the views of Tanglewood Cottage taken by photographer Connie Sauve.

Tanglewood Cottage from the front

First side view

Full back view

Second floor from the back

First floor from the back

View of second side

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Janet Smith of Desert Minis, Inc.

We are taking a break this week to work on the 2014 Good Sam Show for you. However, you might enjoy the two views below, they are full of detail.

Janet Smith of Desert Minis, Inc. offers 1:48 (quarter scale) kits for “Roombooks” like this one that she designed for a NAME online event. She has seven Roombook kits on her web site now for your purchase. Janet is taking a year off from our show due to a family wedding, but you can buy from her right on her web site. We expect her to return in 2015. Janet’s web site is http://www.desert-minis.com

Inside the Peddler Cart Roombook

Cover of the Peddler Cart Roombook

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Deb Mackie, 2014 Academy Instructor

Deb Mackie of Maryland (White Horse Studio) is our Academy instructor of the week. Deb is an I.G.M.A. Artisan and will be among our 8 Academy instructors in 2014. Formally trained as a graphic designer and illustrator, Deb Mackie also brings to the world of miniatures a background in theatrical set and costume design. The journey into sculpting and customizing began with her desire to include realistic figures and animals in her 1:12 scale dioramas. We do not yet know what Deb will be teaching, but we believe it will involve a saddle and possibly a horse in some way. You are sure to have a great class with Deb. These pictures are samples of her work, not necessarily what she will be teaching.

Desert Tan Western Basketweave Saddle

King of the Wind:
The Godolphin Arabian

Carol Wagner

Carol Wagner, doing business as Carol Wagner Fine Miniatures, is an I.G.M.A. Fellow in Plants, and finer plants cannot be found. She is an expert in roses and fuchsias, and makes other lovely combinations of plantings as well. 2014 will be her sixth year at the Good Sam Show. She does not come every year, so look her up and see what she has for you. Carol takes commissions to handle your every need in plants also.

"A Secret Garden" View One
"A Secret Garden" View Two
Lovely Bonsai Wisteria
Small Rose Tree and Basket of Roses
Fabulous Bonsai Fuchsia
Large Climbing Rose Bush

Blast From The Past

On occasion we plan to offer a “Blast From The Past”, exhibits and miniatures that have gone above and beyond the average exhibit, usually done by a club or group of miniaturists with a variety of skills.

Our first of these is a replica of Mission San Jose, constructed by The Twelfth Nighters club to display at “Casa de Los Amigos”, the 1988 national NAME houseparty held in San Jose, California. The miniature, in 1:24 scale, has a place of pride in the Mission’s Museum.

Mission San Jose was founded in 1797 and dedicated in 1809. It is the 14th of 21 Spanish missions in Alta (Upper) California. Franciscan missionaries taught the local Ohlone Indians building and painting skills while teaching them Christianity. The main building was badly damaged in an 1868 earthquake, and reconstruction was completed in 1985.

The miniature is an amazingly accurate depiction, minus the pews. Thanks to Charlene Mirabella of Australia for the pictures. Double click to enlarge any picture.

Closer picture of Altar area
Side altar with painted pillars on wall,
as in the Mission itself
Longer range picture of altar, altar rail and chandelier.
Side altar is at the left.
Since the Mission is very long and narrow, the model was cut on a diagonal,
including one side altar but with good visibility of the  main altar. The other side
altar, therefore, was not included, nor the very front of the Mission.
Looking into the front of the model.
Mission walls were 4' thick adobe. Model used styrofoam walls under the adobe finish.
The Mission model from the rear