Each year, the Show brings together more than 100 U.S. and international artisans and dealers, including a number of I.G.M.A. Artisans and Fellows. They offer collectors unique, well-crafted 1-inch, 1/2-inch, and 1/4-inch scale miniatures from around the world.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

2014 Good Sam Show Ad

This Ad for the 2014 Good Sam Show appears on the inside cover of the July 2014 (Issue #135) American Miniaturist magazine. The Show will be held October 11-12 at the Doubletree Hotel in San Jose, CA. There will be 116 exceptional miniature dealers, of which 18 are international. Eight workshops with first-rate instructors are scheduled on Friday, before the show. Come and join the fun!  http://goodsamshowcase.miniature.net    

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Dealer: IGMA Artisan Gideon Wolf, Wild Wolf Miniatures

Gideon Wolf of Wild Wolf Miniatures, Montana, was new to Good Sam last year. Working in 1:12 scale, he handcrafts exceptional miniature antique furniture. His Wooton reproductions are breathtaking. An IGMA Artisan, he handcrafts several styles of antique desks, reproductions of interesting period tables, vintage office chairs, Montara cedar log furniture, and more. Email: gid-wolf@mtintouch.net.  Web: http://www.wildwolfminiatures.com 

Wooton Cylinder Top Rotary Desk.
Ladies Desk. One of several styles offered.

Wooton Slant Top Rotary Desk.
Montana Cedar Log Furniture. 
JP Estes Office Chairs.

2014 Good Sam Academy Workshops

Here are three more of the workshops that will be offered at this year's Good Sam Academy. The classes will be held from Oct. 13-17 at our Morgan Hill, CA facility, immediately following the Show. The workshop space is divine--airy, big and light. It is a fabulous opportunity to learn new techniques from miniature masters in a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. Come and join the camaraderie.

17th Century Still Life Oil Painting. Instructor Johannes Landman, IGMA Artisan.

Upholstered Wingback Chair. Instructor Kari Bloom, IGMA Artisan.

1:144" Scale Victorian Cottage. Instructor Nell Corkin, IGMA Fellow.

The Academy was designed to be an open environment where teachers and students interact with each other before, during and after classes. Seasoned miniaturists work alongside novices and are encouraged to work together and share ideas. One student wrote, "Instructors and students left with a sense of having been part of something much more rewarding than the organizers had hoped to achieve."

For detailed information, go to:
http://goodsamshowcase.miniature.net/goodsamacademy.htm. Send in your GSAM registration now. The deadline for registering is September l, and fast approaching. If you have questions, contact Connie Sauve, GSAM Director. Phone 209-474-2870. Email: connie@thechinadoll.com

Friday Workshop: St. Louis Shanty Boat, 1:48 scale. By Karen Cary's Miniatures

The talented Karen & Alan Cary are offering a new quarter-scale workshop to built "The St. Louis Shanty Boat." It has a main cabin area with bathroom and a great room for living quarters. Stairs lead up to the second story Captain's Bridge. There are two outside decks. Interior furniture kits and accessories will be available to purchase during class. All skill levels welcome. Class duration: 9 am to 5 pm. 

To see all eight Friday workshop offerings, class details, cost, registration deadline, and Registration Form, go to:  http://goodsamshowcase.miniature.net.  

Friday Workshop Instructors: Karen & Alan Cary

The husband and wife team of Karen and Alan Cary sell as Karen Cary's Miniatures. They work exclusively in small scale and design quarter-scale kits for structures and furniture. Their line includes Medieval, Victorian, French, Dutch and Japanese to name a few. They also create some structures in 1/144th scale. They offer laser cut decorative moldings, trims, railings, gates, stairs, windows, and doors. While the Carys are offering a Friday workshop, they will not be dealers at this year's 2014 show. You can buy kits and supplies directly from their website. Here are photos of a few of their available kits. Email: minis@karencary.comWeb: http://www.karencary.com

Three-story English Tudor-style house with five rooms. Kits in 1/4" scale and 1/144th scale.
Thatched roof 14th century cobblestone cottage. Kits in 1/4" scale and 1/144th scale. Furniture and accessories available in kit form.
European Toy Shoppe. Two-story Victorian era Toy Shoppe inspired by the fairytale-like work of Anton Pieck (1895-1987), Dutch painter, artist and graphic artist.
Interior of  Toy Shoppe. Shown with some furniture.
Traditional three-story Japanese house with nine rooms. Quarter-scale kit.
Interior of "Rakki Hause."

Exhibit: Salle de garde

Carolynn Walden, Eureka, CA exhibited the "Salle de garde" at the 2013 Good Sam Show. Carolynn is a publicist with the Good Sam Show and a long-time miniature collector. "I made this building in a Rik Pierce class. I transformed it into a French Renaissance guard room ("Salle de garde"). In medieval times, it was a fortified room in a castle or a gatehouse. During the Renaissance it became the grand entry room where ornaments were displayed to impress visitors with the owner's wealth and power."

"There is a small carved salamander on the exterior chimney wall. This is the emblem of the 16th century king, Francois Premier (Francis 1, 1494-1547). He is credited with initiating the Renaissance in France. His emblem can be seen on many buildings throughout France." In 1:12 scale, the exhibit is 18-inches wide, 18-inches deep and 30-inches tall. 

Photos courtesy of Connie Sauve, Exhibit Chairman. Click on photos to enlarge.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

2014 Good Sam Academy Workshops

Nine workshops will be held at the Academy from Oct. 13-17 at our Morgan Hill, CA facility immediately following the Good Sam Show. Miniaturists of all skill levels will have an opportunity to practice their craft and learn new techniques while having fun in a relaxed atmosphere. Here are three of the workshops being offered. The deadline for registration is September l, and approaching fast. Why don't you come and join the fun, too?

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The Guys from Texas: Frank Lloyd Wright Style structure.
Deb Mackie: Western Show Saddle, Saddle Tree and Bridle.

Deb Mackie: Western Show Saddle, Saddle Tree and Bridle.
Cochise: American Paint Quarter Horse and Leather Halter.

For detailed information, go to:
http://goodsamshowcase.miniature.net/goodsamacademy.htmSend in your GSAM registration now, before your favorite class gets filled. If you have questions, contact Connie Sauve, GSAM Director. Phone 209-474-2870. Email: connie@thechinadoll.com

Dealer & Academy Instructor Deb Mackie, IGMA Artisan

Deb Mackie, White Horse Studio, is new to Good Sam this year.  An IGMA Artisan in Figures, she is offering two workshops at the Good Sam Academy. Working in 1:12 scale, Deb makes delightful one-of-a-kind figures in polymer clay, hand-sculpted horses, leather saddles and tack, and other leather goods. Email: mare@whitehorsestudio.com. Web: http://www.whitehorsestudio.com.     

Taliesin, Gypsy Vanner Stallion.

Blue Roan. Old Blue is the steadfast cutting horse. On those long cattle drives, he's the cowboy's best friend.
Colleen Cogsworth, the Irish Steampunk "Star of the County Down." 
Tooled Leather Western Saddle and Tooled Leather Saddlebags/Handbags from Deb's June 2014 workshop at the IGMA Guild School, Castine, Maine.
Look for a variation of Shane, the bathtub cowboy, on Deb's table at Good Sam.
Ghostly Bride and Groom glow in the dark.
Bad Bart and his Steampunk Ray Gun.
The buff Blacksmith.
 Leather shot bag and powder horn.
Tooled leather steamer trunk.
Studio shot of a saddle in progress.

Dealer Janet Uyetake, IGMA Fellow

We are delighted that Janet Uyetake, Tiny Towne, Hawaii, will be a dealer at Good Sam this year. An IGMA Fellow, Janet creates 1:12 scale replicas of authentic dollhouse food. Themes include Tudor, Williamsburg, Victorian, Modern and Tropical. Don't miss her Wine & Cheese displays, miniature grape baskets, and unique meat entrees. Janet uses her own handcrafted porcelain dishes for display. She also makes orchid plants in designer pots. Ebay id: minigourmet. Email: juyetake@clearwire.net. Web: http://tinytownehawaii.com.

Porcelain Christmas Chocolate pot set, china painted holly design, Santa cups and fimo pastry.
Happy Halloween porcelain hot chocolate set with Halloween cat cookies.
Filled watermelon fruit tray with porcelain butterfly handles.
Al Chandronnait basket with fimo apples, cut and whole.
Porcelain tray of cheese with porcelain leaves for decoration.
Porcelain rose decorated tray with strawberry pastry.
Three porcelain glazed Toby mugs.
Pink porcelain chocolate pot set with porcelain embellished flowers.
Lovely porcelain tea set with hand-painted flowers and gold trim. Used to serve tea, finger sandwiches, olives and figs.
Porcelain teapot with hand decorated porcelain butterfly and dragonflies.
All porcelain tree trunk figurine with porcelain dragonflies, butterfly and flowers.
Halloween porcelain teapot with Jack-o'-Lantern face and porcelain flowers.
Fimo orchid in one-of-a-kind designer porcelain pot with porcelain butterfly.