Each year, the Show brings together more than 100 U.S. and international artisans and dealers, including a number of I.G.M.A. Artisans and Fellows. They offer collectors unique, well-crafted 1-inch, 1/2-inch, and 1/4-inch scale miniatures from around the world.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Exhibit: Bedroom in 1/2-inch scale by Ruth Mazur, 1987

"Bedroom by Ruth Mazur, 1987" was exhibited at the 2013 Good Sam Show by Barbara Jones, Cupertino, CA. Barbara has served as the Chairman of Good Sam for many years. She is a miniature turner and collector, with a passion for tools. "Ruth made this bedroom in a d.Anne Ruff class to donate to a name event," Barbara Jones says. "Cary Yerves won it. I bought it from him at a Flea Market." In half-inch scale, the bedroom is 11-inches wide, 8-1/2-inches deep, and 7-inches tall. 

Photos courtesy of Connie Sauve, Exhibit Chairman. Click on photos to enlarge.

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