Each year, the Show brings together more than 100 U.S. and international artisans and dealers, including a number of I.G.M.A. Artisans and Fellows. They offer collectors unique, well-crafted 1-inch, 1/2-inch, and 1/4-inch scale miniatures from around the world.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Dealer Natasha Beshenkovsky: Fine Art Miniatures

Working in a style unique to her, Natasha Beshenkovsky creates an exceptional range of one-of-a-kind fine art. Here are new pieces that she will be bringing to this year's show. Natasha's work includes shadow boxes, painted sculptures, oil paintings, delightful cats and dogs, decorated period furniture, screens, and more. Email: natmin@aol.com. Web: http://www.natashaminiatures.com

New work by Natasha combining oil painting and 3-D miniatures.

Close-up photo shows off detail.

Close-up photo shows off detail.
Peaches, combining oil painting and 3-D miniatures. 9" x 9", including frame.
Shadow box and painting, featuring garlic.
Harpsichord built in Spain by David Iriarte, and painted in New York by Natasha.

Harpsichord detail.

Harpsichord detail.

To see more work by Natasha Beshenkovsky, go >here<.

Dealer Isako Furuhashi, Japan: Fine Furniture & Accessories

We are delighted that Isako Furuhashi, Atelier Deux Chevaux, is returning to Good Sam this year. She designs exceptional antique Japanese and Chinese style furniture and early 1900s antique pieces. She also handcrafts business and medical office furniture, modern accessories, and more. Email: dollhouse@dollhouse-isako.com. Web: http://www.dollhouse-isako.com

Handcrafted table, coffee mill, and coffee siphon.
Traditional Japanese carpenter tools.
Wines in handcrafted wooden boxes. 

To see more of Isako Furuhashi's work, go >here<.

Dealer Miyuki Nagashima, Japan: Fine Porcelain

IGMA Artisan Miyuki Nagashima from Japan makes fine hand-painted 1:12 scale porcelain dinnerware and decorative pieces. Her techniques, compositions and colorings are based on mid-18th century to mid-19th century European antique porcelain. Her research includes studying full-size porcelain pieces in museums in France and England. Email: mail@miyuki-miniature-porcelain.com

Teaset - Sèvres Madame de Pompadour (rose et vert.)
Teaset - Sèvres Flowers.
Teapot only.
Vase - Sèvres Rose Flower basket design.
Sèvres series.

To see more of Miyuki Nagashima's porcelain, go >here<.

Dealer Takumi Takanashi, Japan: Animals

Takumi Takanashi makes a wide range of 1:12 scale dogs, cats, and wild animals. All of her animals are made of woolen yarn and wire with handmade glass eyes. Her work is exceptional, and she has a reputation for selling out at every show. Email: takumi@minimalxanimal.com.  Web: http://www.minimalxanimal.com

Saluki dog and Abyssinian cat. Both are breeds from ancient times.
Raccoon. One of the most popular wild animals in Japan.
Wild European brown hare with long ears and short tail.
Corgi. A small type of herding dog that originated in the U.K.
A spotted Cheetah. The fastest land animal in the world, it is found only in Africa and a small portion of Iran. 

To see more of Takumi Takanashi's animals, go >here<.

Dealers Brian & Kathy Tepper: Imaginative Furniture & Accessories

Brian (Rainbow Hand) and Kathy Tepper are debuting their new 1:12 scale "Soft Surroundings Boutique" at this year's show. They will be teaching the design as a workshop in 2016. The platform is constructed of three pieces, which may be used separately, or not at all. The room is a great opportunity to use your imagination in creating the environment of your choice. Email: briantep@verizon.net.  Web: http://www.rainbowhandandkathy.com/

The Buddha display was created for the Soft Surroundings Boutique. It would fit nicely into many different scenes.
Distressed white cabinet outfitted for the new Soft Surroundings Boutique. Vintage white ceramic swan.
Old rusted shopping cart filled with Boutique goodies.
Table with pair of dressed wicker chairs. The throw pillows were inspired by full-size Vicki Sawyer paintings. The wicker chairs were made by Wilhelmina.
Display with vintage emery board box. The black Lars Mikkelsen bowl holds tiny emery boards made from one of the large original ones.
Bench Seat with vintage photo of school children.
This Western room box will be available on the Teppers table at the show. It showcases several of Brian's original oil paintings.

To see more work by the Teppers work, go >here<.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Dealer Mel Yost: Handcrafted 1/4" Structures from natural Oregon materials

Mel Yost, Mel's Miniatures, handcrafts charming quarter-scale structures and furniture using natural materials native to his locale in Sunriver, Oregon. All structures are lighted and open at the back. Mel and Janet Yost have attended Good Sam for more than ten years. Email: MelvinJanet@aol.com 

Unique handcrafted cottage with hand-cut cedar shake roof. From the 2014 Good Sam Show.
Tree house with aged wooden ladders and glass copper-trimmed windows.
Lighthouse with hand-cut cedar shake roof. Glass windows on top with copper trim and handmade aged rope.
Unusual tiny handcrafted cottage using materials native to Sunriver, Oregon.
Thatched roof English cottage with whimsical stovepipe chimney on unique maple slab base.
Rustic chair handcrafted from native Sunriver, Oregon materials. Displayed with handmade toy.
To see more of Mel Yost's work, go >here<.

Dealer Troy Schmidt, Red Dragon Pottery: Ceramics

Always experimenting, IGMA Fellow Troy Schmidt creates 1:12 scale hand-thrown porcelain pottery in a wide range of unique glazes. His ceramic artware also includes 19th century grotesque face jugs, unusual "brickware" inspired by antiquities, and more. He makes life-size pottery as well. Email: RedDragonPottery@gmail.com  Web: http://reddragonpottery.com 

Four porcelain creations with a rich white-green semi-matt celadon glaze. Ewer with carved decoration (left), Amphora with Dragon handles (back), Faceted vase (right), Bowl with bamboo handles (front).
Assorted tea ware all finished with a shino glaze.  Jar is about 3/4-inch high.
Troy throwing some English porcelain miniatures on a full-sized potter's wheel at a recent demonstration.
Selection of Hanging Birdhouses. 
 A pair of earthy looking amphoras seated in metal stands. 

To see more of Troy Schmidt's work, go >here<.

Dealer Karon Cunningham, England: Collectibles & International Artisans

Karon Cunningham carries an exceptional selection of fine miniatures by leading international artists. Most items are one-of-a-kind or made in limited numbers. Go to Karon's website to see more of her available fine miniature collection. Web: http://karoncunningham.com.

Exquisite tiny chest full of everything a little girl would want for her precious doll. There are brushes, combs, perfume bottle, a dog, and lots and lots of clothes. The two bottom drawers are full.
Elegant Georgian mantel clock that works. There is a tiny battery in the back.
Hand-painted picture of people skating on a frozen river in the Netherlands.
Handmade Dutch silver: A tea caddy with a flower design for lid knob and a tiny leaf strainer and stand.
Charming golly doll made from antique materials. 

To see prior offerings from Karon Cunningham, go >here<.

Dealer Valerie Anne Casson, France: Furniture, Accessories & Toys

From France, Valerie Anne Casson creates French-style dress mannequins, silk tuffets, and toys. She also makes hand-painted and dressed beds, lovely vanity trays, hand-painted ceramics, upholstered French benches, wall paintings, and more. Email: valcasson@gmail.comWeb: http://www.valeriecasson.com

Silk Tuffet, child's mannequin and dolly bed.
Tuffet in green and purple, together with small French style Theater.
A flavor of Valerie's table at the upcoming show--with Christmas in mind!
Farm yard, with variety of animals and thatched house. 
Theater, showing the characters from the play "The Secret Garden". 

To see more of Valerie Casson's work, go >here<.

2015 Children's Workshops, Saturday-Oct. 10

We are offering three special workshops for children over the age of eight on Saturday, October 10. Application deadline is October 3, 2015.  Class space is limited so be sure to sign up soon. http://goodsamshowcase.miniature.net/2015_childrens_pre_reg_wkshp_cmbnd.pdf

Melting Snowman. 11 am-12:30pm. Cost $5. Teacher: Barbara Thornton-Hill.
Make a cute little melting snowman for your Miniature scene. We will be using polymer clay to form the parts then we’ll bake them in a little oven.

Walnut Table. 12:30-3:00pm. Cost $10. Teacher: Barbara Jones
Come make this small table, suitable to use as a bedside table or at the end of a sofa. It will be made of walnut with tapered legs. Students will learn some sanding techniques, gluing using a gluing jig, and should finish gluing the table in class. Class is limited to eight students, so register early if you want to know more about working with wood in miniature.

Lighted Fireplace. 3pm-5pm. Cost: $8. Teachers: Ruth Heisch & Diane Piziali.
Make and decorate a battery-lighted fireplace for the holidays. Your imagination is all you need.

To register, send a check made payable to the class instructor with the registration form to: 

Lynne Hoffman
Good Sam Showcase of Miniatures
150 San Lazaro Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA 94086.

Include your current email address or a self-addressed, stamped envelope to receive class confirmation.  

If questions, contact Lynne Hoffman at gsminiatures@yahoo.com.