Each year, the Show brings together more than 100 U.S. and international artisans and dealers, including a number of I.G.M.A. Artisans and Fellows. They offer collectors unique, well-crafted 1-inch, 1/2-inch, and 1/4-inch scale miniatures from around the world.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

At the Show - Figures and Collectibles

In this week's blog we bring you marvelous 1:12 scale art dolls, fantasy figures and fairies, leather accessories, dummy board figures, and more.

Carla Gaustad has been a dealer at Good Sam for more than twenty years.  She specializes in unique handcrafted miniatures by the finest international artisans of our day. The photos below are of pieces that Carla has brought to the show in years past. Be sure to stop by her table in the fall to see what's new. jgaustad1@cox.net
Elaborately costumed aristocratic French ladies (1750-1795).
The royal wedding couple.
Handcrafted dollies and standing screen. 
1940s Hollywood lady in white satin gown by Janet Middlebrook.
Lady Sheep in beige lace and Lady Mouse in white lace.

Badger, Mole and Ratty from "Wind in the Willows" (1908) by Annie Willis of Fine Design, England.

At the Show - Fantasy, Holiday Decor and More

Judith A.  ("Judy") Orr, A Fairy Walk, has attended Good Sam the last four years. She works in all three scales and specializes in handcrafted fantasy art dolls, fairies, elves, Santas, mermaids, gnomes, original Christmas ornaments and Holiday decorations. Judy offer workshops and a variety of craft supplies. Look for her table at the 2012 show. Judyorr@hughes.net, http://afairywalk.com
White Queen with Alice in Wonderland and Mad Hatter puppets, 1:12 scale.
The Elder Forest Elfin and Fairy Friends.
Elderly widower Carl, young Wildlife Explorer scout Russell, and Dug the dog (movie Up, 2009).
Lovely fairy with beautiful wings.
"Fancy Flora" the Fantail Goldfish.
Old World Puppet Theater with handmade puppets, 1:12 scale. Workshop at 2011 Good Sam.
Fairy door in 1:12 scale. Children's workshop at 2011 Good Sam.
Afternoon Tea in Victorian sidewalk cafe with spring garland over top. Made to hang, quarter-scale, 3" x 4".

At the Show - Leather Goods, Accessories and More

Pat Tyler of Pat Tyler Leather Miniatures specializes in working with leather. She attended Good Sam the last four years. Pat makes 1:12 scale shadow box scenes, leather accessories, dummy board figures, ladies accessories, masks, and much more.  ptmini@sbcglobal.net, www.etsy.com/shop/PatTylerMiniatures
Lovely dressed bed, handcrafted pillows, coordinating hand-painted and upholstered furnishings and unique accessories.
Ladies' boutique shadow box with dummy board mannequins and accessories.
Men's haberdashery shadow box with handmade leather accessories.
Hats, toiletries, leather goods and riding boots.
Draped chair, shelf-fillers, dummy board mannequin, painted leather hats and more
Draped chair, toiletries, dummy board mannequin and hat box.
Draped chairs, ladies accessories, dummy board mannequin.
Two-sided dummy board mannequins, beautifully finished front and back. Removable purses.

At the Show - Exhibits

This week's exhibit "Out of Africa" was created by Connie Sauve, Stockton, CA. It was displayed at the 2011 Good Sam Show. An IGMA Fellow in Figures, Connie made the doll. She also made the cherry herringbone floor from scratch, the canvas trunk, all of the books, and dressed the bed. The exterior of the trunk is faux leather with wicker inserts and travel labels added by Connie. More of Connie's miniatures can be seen on her website.  www.thechinadoll.com

Photos of "Out of Africa" by Connie Sauve.

At the Show - New from Dealers

This week's new products from dealers include striking one-of-a-kind Steampunk furnishings and a delightful Mexican kitchen filled with detail.

Always on the cutting edge, Kathy and Brian "Rainbow Hand" Tepper share recent additions to their Steampunk line of furnishings.  briantep@verizon.net, www.rainbowhandandkathy.com
Steampunk "Bearded Lady" portrait chair. Circus trunk and screen with portions of circus ads. Vintage "Beauty Spots" leather burgandy box in front of chair.
Paris Chair with vintage metal razor receptacle, Steampunk top hat and boots.

At the Show - New From Dealers

Bridget McCarty has handcrafted a gorgeous Mexican kitchen which is available for purchase. Every detail has been carefully sculpted and hand-painted to mimic the perfect Mexican look. She added her own handmade animals--a Chihuahua trio watching a lazy cat rest on the counter. Ebay: bridgetmccarty. Contact aliceinteacup@yahoo.com, bridgetmccarty.com

Saturday, May 19, 2012

At the Show - Wicker Furniture

The Good Sam dealers in this week's blog all work in 1:12 scale. We share fabulous miniature reproductions of Victorian wicker furniture, exquisite stitchery, and fine doll molds for your viewing pleasure.

IGMA Artisan Rhea Strange has been a dealer at the Good Sam Show for the last several years. Doing business as Rhea's Wicker in Miniature, she creates authentic miniature reproductions of antique wicker furniture from the 1860s through 1890s. Each piece is exquisitely hand made with many hours of hard work and attention to realism and detail.  rheas_wicker@hotmail.com

1880s Wicker bed and ornate antique Victorian wicker lounge.
Late 1800s Swan arm settee and arm chair with side table and coffee table.
1860s arm chair and coffee table with natural patina.
1870s Tea table and ornate Victorian lady's reception chairs with petit point seat cushions.
1890s exotic peacock chair and ottoman.
1890s grouping with a Native American motif.
Settee, arm chair and ottoman from about 1895.
Highly ornamental 1870s Heywood-Wakefield chair.

At the Show - Stitchery

For the past seven years, Cheri Sandall has been bringing her splendid stitchery to the Good Sam Show. Doing business as Cheri's Fantasy Creations, her range includes framed cross-stitch pictures, needlepoint, petit point, and beaded purses. She also hand-crochets exquisite afghans, baby clothes, doilies and table cloths.   chersan3@frontier.com

Hand-crocheted afghan, doilies, baby dress, booties and beaded purse. Cross-stitch duck and needlepoint scene.
A variety of hand-crocheted doilies and table cloths. Tiny petit point picture.

At the Show - Figures and Molds

Drena West, Drena's Dolls, sells the 1:12 scale original molds of Doreen Sinnett Dolls (her deceased mother). Doreen has a reputation for being one the best miniature doll sculptors ever. In addition to porcelain body molds and soft body molds, Drena sells hair, wings, doll stands, patterns, and tutorials. She has been a dealer at Good Sam for the last nine years. www.doreensinnettdolls.com

Molds for the dolls shown here include include the head, porcelain body, half arms and legs, plus clothing pattern and assembly instructions.
The bride Beth about 20 years old (from the Taylor family).
Meg about 12 years of age (from the Taylor family).
James about 50-60 years of age.
Chrystal kneeling fairy (with eyes looking down).

At the Show - Exhibits

This week's exhibits are by Moonyeen Moller, Foster City, in San Mateo, CA. Photos are courtesy of Connie Sauve.

Mr. Peepers Book Nook was exhibited at the 2008 Good Sam Show. It holds about 2,000 books handmade by Moonyeen. The box is an experiment in "fool the eye" as the box was built about an inch larger in the front than the back. It was designed this way so that all of the book spines would show. The dolls are by Sharon Cariola, Dolls Mine Miniatures, San Diego, CA. http://stores.ebay.com/doll-mine-miniatures.
Mr. Peepers Book Nook.
Full interior of the Book Nook.
Aloysius Peepers, proprietor of the Book Nook.
Left side of Book Nook.
Mrs. Snooks, a customer.
Jake the Plumber.
Right side of Book Nook.
Mr. Peepers cousin.

Sam's Place is a news stand owned by Sam the Man. It was exhibited at the 2007 Good Sam Show. In addition to the newspapers, Moonyeen made the 240 different magazines on display.
Sam's Place, a news stand.
Sam the Man was made by IGMA Fellow Elle Piccolo. epartdol@hotmail.com,     www.ellepiccolodolls.com
Exterior of Sam's Place. Moonyeen built the little hut from scratch.