Each year, the Show brings together more than 100 U.S. and international artisans and dealers, including a number of I.G.M.A. Artisans and Fellows. They offer collectors unique, well-crafted 1-inch, 1/2-inch, and 1/4-inch scale miniatures from around the world.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

From the Chairman

The dealers for the 2012 Good Sam Show are now posted on our website. This year, there are 116 sales tables including 14 international dealers, with new dealers from Spain, the Netherlands, and Japan. The show provides a wide variety of exceptional miniatures from talented artisans, craftspeople and general dealers. We expect to announce the three 2012 featured workshops on next week's Blog. goodsamshowcase.miniature.net/dealers.htm

At the Show - Fantasy Figures

Todd Krueger, T.K. Designs, has attended Good Sam the last four years. He has been making miniature figures almost thirty years and favors light or dark fantasy themes. Todd specializes in wizards, witches, elves, and other magical creatures. He also creates interestingly costumed everyday people.  tkdsgns99@charter.net, www.bytkd.com
Wizard with glass eyes in silk and velvet. Phoenix by Annie Willis, Fine Design, England. Books by Ericka Van Horn.
Wizard in silk and velvet with leather hat and shoes. Dark Elf.
Black Witch attired in silk and other natural fabrics.
White Witch in silk and antique fabrics, 4-1/2" tall.
One-of-a-kind Cornish Elf, 3-1/2" tall.
Hand-sculpted Wee Cornish Elf, 3" tall. Royal Denizen, 3-1/2" tall. Both dressed in all natural fabrics.
Hand-sculpted resting dragon.
Little old lady with basket of flowers and shopkeeper with bird and cage. 
Tudor lady in white silk and lace embellished with pearls and crystals.
One-of-a-kind hats for witches on skull display mannequins.
Old male Nook.

At the Show - Fantasy

Ericka Van Horn of EV Miniatures specializes in fantasy creations including leather books, celestial instruments, wizard wands, potion bottles, and more. She makes a Vampire Collection, Voodoo tables and cabinets, reliquaries, some rather different foodstuffs, and other unusual miniatures. Look for her work on Todd Krueger's table. evminiatures@msn.com, www.evminiatures.com, evminiatures.blogspot.com
Wands and books by Ericka Van Horn on Todd Krueger's table.
Hand carved wands with stone inlaid embellishments.
Hand carved twisted wands with stone accents.

Collection of leather bound Wizard books on a dragon wizard chair.
Collection of spell and potion bottles.
Fantasy butterfly specimen collection.
Handmade polymer clay lollipops.

At the Show - Fantasy and Wee Folks

Margie and John Wall have been in the miniature business for more than twenty years. They have been making The Stick People vignettes since the early 1990s. The furniture and habitats are made from natural materials--bark, twigs, pods, shells, etc. They have been dealers at Good Sam for more than fifteen years. stickpeople@peak.org
Waddit Oman and Biggo play checkers.
Rural Potting Shed.
Garden of Weeden.
Waddit Yome on forest throne.
"Hacienda" facade.

At the Show - New from Dealers

This month's new products bring us some delightful quarter-scale kits that will be available at the 2012 Good Sam Show. Brian (Rainbow Hand) and Kathy Tepper are sharing "The Rajah" with us. It is their most recent room box.

Janet Smith, Desert Minis, Inc., specializes in high-quality miniature foods. She works primarily in quarter-scale, with both half-scale and 1/144 scale represented. Janet also offers kits and workshops to teach students how to make foods from scratch. Look on her table for the new kits shown here. desertminis@gmail.com, desert-minis.com
"Tropical Party Foods" is one-half of a new quarter-scale kit.
The mess left behind in the kitchen" in the second-half of this new quarter-scale kit.
"Collection of chocolate desserts" kit in quarter-scale.

The exotic Rajah's Hide-A-Way by the Teppers is upholstered in elephant tapestry with antique East Indian metal trim. This room box is filled to overflowing with one-of-a-kind marvelous pieces.
info@rainbowhandandkathy.com, www.rainbowhandandkathy.com
Furnishings, bed and enclosure by Kathy Tepper. Servant by James Carrington, England. Cheetah by Karl Blindheim, Canada.
Center back plate is an antique box cover with Mother-of-Pearl inlay. The ottoman holds a Cloisonné East Indian Elephant.
Taj Mahal on embellished base. Peacock by Alice Zinn. Embellished mirror and hall table with 1940 Cloisonné East Indian Elephant.

At the Show - Exhibits

This week's exhibits all have a fantasy theme and were photographed by Michael Puff, Good Sam Show photographer, at the 2009 Show.

Wizard's Tower by Paul and Susan Osze, Pacifica, CA. With a technical/engineering background, Paul uses 21st century technology in his miniature creations.
Castle Turret by Ruth Heisch, San Jose, CA. She won the castle shell and added her collection of whimsical characters to it. Ruth especially wanted a home for the jester doll that she made in Judy Orr's class and Gayle Clausen guard in traditional chain mail.
Merlin’s Closet was a birthday gift from Lynda Bauer to Joan Hammon. Joan was in charge of the Exhibit Area for eleven years and served one year as Chairperson before moving from the area.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

At the Show - Steampunk

Steampunk imagines a Victorian era that never was and includes elements of science fiction and fantasy. It incorporates futuristic innovations as Victorians might have envisioned them. Formal Victorian attire is mixed with aviator goggles, crazy gadgets and gizmos. Innovative Steampunk furnishings are embellished with vintage watch cogs, gears, chains, brass, leather, and more. Inspiration comes from late19th century authors Jules Verne and H. G. Wells and films such as "The Time Machine" (1960).

The husband and wife team of Brian (Rainbow Hand) and Kathy Tepper are always exploring new avenues and  reinventing their body of work. This past year, they turned to designing an exciting line of 1:12 scale Victorian Steampunk furniture and accessories. Delightfully eclectic and great fun, each unique Steampunk piece is a little bit left of center. At the same time, it is an exquisite blend of romantic Victorian with a bit of dark goth added in. briantep@verizon.net, http://www.rainbowhandandkathy.com/
Steampunk sideboard top hat, English dog, antique mantel clock, gauntlets, worn books, and
Steampunk hall tree with man's Steampunk hat and flowers.
Steampunk dress form with woman's portrait chair.
Steampunk cappuccino on stand.
Steampunk 1900s delivery bicycle with willow carrier basket. Steampunk wash station.
       1870s Penny-farthing bicycle with a Victorian Steampunk flair. Photo by Connie Sauve.
English Springer Spaniel by Karl Blindheim in willow carrier basket. Steampunked by Kathy.
       Photo by Connie Sauve.
Steampunk 1870s Penny-farthing bicycle. Photo by Connie Sauve.
Steampunk electric chair, front view. Photo by Connie Sauve.
Steampunk electric chair, side view. Photo by Connie Sauve
Ode to Mum. Photo by Connie Sauve.
Victrola on hand-painted chest. Photo by Connie Sauve.
Tall etegere with antique wood and brass birdcage, antique glassware.
       Photo by Connie Sauve.
Samovar with flowers and bust on buffet. Photo by Connie Sauve.

At the Show - Figures

In 2011, Fern Vasi made her first two Victorian Steampunk dolls in 1:12 scale and introduced them at the Good Sam Show, her 13th appearance here. Always innovative, Fern makes new and different themed figures available to shoppers each year. Stop by Fern's table. You are sure to be delighted and entertained.  FernVasiDolls@yahoo.com
Modern blue-haired lass in Victorian Steampunk corset, bone hoop skirt, leather arm piece decorated with gears, thigh high stockings and pink boots.
Woman in Victorian Steampunk costume with top hat.

At the Show - Steampunk

Sue Ann Thwaite of Lady Bug carries some Victorian Steampunk pieces on her table in addition to wee scenes with fairies and secret gardens. Her granddaughter Jessica Thwaite works in her grandmother's workshop creating inventive Steampunk gadgetry. In February 2012, Jessica won American Miniaturist's "Steampunk Contest" with her Steampunk fairy garden featured here.  ladybug@ladybug-fairies.com, www.ladybug-fairies.com
Steampunk Garden to hold in the palm of your hand by Jessica Thwaite.
Steampunk watch by Jessica Thwaite.