Each year, the Show brings together more than 100 U.S. and international artisans and dealers, including a number of I.G.M.A. Artisans and Fellows. They offer collectors unique, well-crafted 1-inch, 1/2-inch, and 1/4-inch scale miniatures from around the world.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Happy New Year to all!

New Year's Eve celebrates the one year anniversary of the Good Sam Show Blog. While we will not return to our regular postings until next week, we've chosen a glorious exhibit to ring out the old year. We wish you a beautiful, magical new year.

At the Show - Exhibit

The Hickory Dickory Clock Shoppe in 1:12 scale was exhibited by Connie Sauve, Stockton, CA, at the 2009 Good Sam Show. Connie is an IGMA Fellow in Figures (Costuming) and sells as The China Doll (http://www.thechinadoll.com/). She became Exhibit Chairman for Good Sam in 2012.

The shop itself is a working clock and chimes every quarter of an hour. The storefront hanging sign is a repurposed pocket watch. Within the shop are 87 clocks, 33 pocket watches and 41 wrist watches. Details abound in this inspiring exhibit. Photos courtesy of Connie.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Holiday Greetings

Merry Christmas and best wishes for a prosperous New Year.
From the Good Sam Show.

Lighted display case in 1:12 scale sold by The Cortland Cases. The Christmas scene was photographed at their table. It is not available for purchase.  info@cortlandcases.com, www.cortlandcases.com   

Saturday, December 15, 2012

At the Show - Holiday Miniatures

This week's blog continues our celebration of the Christmas season in miniature. The Good Sam Show is a an excellent place to look for handcrafted Holiday-themed collectibles. Why not get in the holiday spirit by decking your halls with special miniatures. Whether you want to give your house a holiday twist or find a unique gift, there are lots of ideas here.

One-of-a-kind Christmas bauble by Gayle Clausen of GayleDolls. gayledolls@cox.netwww.gayledolls.com

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At the Show - Handcrafted Holiday Clothing & More

Handmade holiday-themed clothing and other items from Amy Doucette-Allen (Handworks). She was a dealer at Good Sam for the first time in 2007. Her handcrafted children's clothing and miniature hand crocheted items are amongst Amy's most popular sellers. abdouce@comcast.net, handworks-miniatures.com, eBay store: www.stores.ebay.com/Handworks-Collectibles

Handmade items by Amy as well as miniatures by other artisans. Photo taken on showroom floor.

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At the Show - Holiday Decor

When shopping for miniature Christmas collectibles, it is worthwhile to stop by Carla Gaustad's table. She always offers a few unique holiday-themed pieces that you will not find elsewhere. A dealer at Good Sam for more than thirty years, Carla specializes in exceptional handcrafted miniatures by international artisans. 949-768-5636, jgaustad1@cox.net

One-of-a-kind Christmas market stall and wee Santa. Photo taken on showroom floor.

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At the Show - Christmas Kits in Small Scale

For the Christmas season, Grandt Line Products (Phyllis Nishimori and Liz Aduan) offers some delightful quarter-scale and 1:144th scale kits. Filled with whimsy and detail, their designs are sure to please. They have been dealers at Good Sam for thirteen years. grandt@pacbell.net or sales@grandtline.com, www.grandtline.com

The Winterberry Kit in 1:144th scale is a two-story house with four rooms and a veranda all decked out in Holiday decor. Everything is included to make the dollhouse as shown. Finished house is 2-1/4" tall (not including the chimney). Skill level: Intermediate.

The Winterberry Kit #3424 in 1:144th scale, $21.95

In quarter-scale, a scalloped roof tops this little photo studio with its whimsical details. The walls are preformed, for easy assembly. The snowy ground and the cookie and candy decor are included. Finished house is 3-1/2" tall. Skill level: Intermediate.
Photos with Santa Kit #3441 in quarter-scale, $36.95.

As part of their quarter-scale Dome Series kits, Grandt Line makes three Christmas scenes that fit into a 3" x 4-1/4" glass dome. Glass dome and base are sold separately, Item #3450, $14.95. These project kits come with everything needed to complete your scene as shown. You will need to supply paints and cement. Unpainted figures are included.

Kringle's Christmas Shoppe Kit #3458. Skill level: Intermediate. $36.95.
Aunt Martha's Christmas Kit #3452. Skill level: Beginning. $17.50.
Victorian Christmas Kit #3455. Skill level: Intermediate. $35.95.

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At the Show - Holiday Pets and More

Whether its cats, bears, gingerbread houses or Christmas ornaments, Bridget McCarty's holiday offerings are unique. No matter the season or theme, you will find delightful one-of-a-kind and limited edition 1:12 scale animals, birds, and more at her table. All of her furry pets have the sweetest faces. www.bridgetmccarty.com, bridgetmccarty.blogspot.com, http://www.facebook.com/pages/Miniature-Pets-By-Bridget-McCarty/133772454555#

Handmade Gingerbread House from polymer clay, 1.5" tall. The icing is DAP Kwik Seal.
Tiny Himalayan kitten in her gift box, sitting on a shabby chic desk.
Set of three boxes of dollhouse Christmas ornaments. Beads from Mardi Gras necklaces were used to make the ornaments in the boxes.
Boxed set of records with a "Snoopy" theme made for a friend who collects records. The images are printed on card stock.
Beautiful long-haired Siamese playing in a box of Christmas ornaments.
Polar bear cub by Bridget. Wee elf by Woolytales Miniatures.
Miniature plush young standing polar bear, with a holiday ribbon around his neck.

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At the Show - Holiday Decor

For a unique collection of handcrafted Holiday miniatures, visit the Milestone Miniatures table. Laura Montgomery's miniature enterprise is truly a milestone in her life and the fulfillment of a dream. Her selection of holiday decor--Christmas trees, wreaths, swags, garlands, and more--continues to grow and change shape. Don't miss Laura's table at Good Sam. hobbyqueen@mail.com, www.milestoneminiatures.com

Some Holiday offerings available from Milestone Miniatures. Photo taken on the showroom floor.
Beautiful red and burgundy 3-inch Holiday wreath.
Feather tree in cream.

Gold rose present box. Cream and pink swirled Victorian tree. Cream filigree tree with small pink house and green trees. Cream and gold stars ornament box. Fairy with ruffled skirt in shadow box.
Fairy with sash in shadow box.
Pink and cream glittered flower in dome. Soft pink bear holding small green glitter house.
Candy cane topiary.
Large blue church. Blue small bay window house on mirror. Blue heart topiary. Small house with silver glass glitter roof in shadow box.
Glitter castle box. Filigree gold and silver sleigh. Angel and bird on cake plate. Blue heart topiary. Blue deer scene.
Lovely cream and gold teardrop swag and horizontal swag.

At the Show - Holiday Flowers

You will always find inspiring Holiday floral arrangements on the table of Pat Stebbins, The Minikin Florist. An IGMA Artisan, she has been a dealer at Good Sam since 2003. All of her 1:12 scale florals--no matter the season--are imaginative, simple yet elegant, and great fun. Her flower arrangements are high quality and well-priced. Tel:  858-279-8026

Country cottage chair charmingly decorated for the Holidays with a casual look.

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At the Show - Holiday Elves and More

For the holidays, doll artist Fern Vasi adds new Christmas elves to the popular series she has been making for more than twenty years. She is sure to have a new Santa or two to share, and most likely Mrs. Claus, too. You will always find a fascinating collection of 1:12 scale porcelain character dolls on Fern's table. Each one is unique and has a personality of its own.  fernvasidolls@yahoo.com

New Christmas Elves photographed at the 2012 Show.
Two wee Christmas Elves and Mrs. Claus baking cookies.

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At the Show - Holiday Lollipops & Candy

For the Christmas holidays, and a few other times throughout the year, Ericka Van Horn (EV Miniatures) makes imaginative lollipops and sweets in 1:12 scale. She is well known for her handmade leather books, Fantasy and Vampire Collections, reliquaries, and other unusual miniatures (some with a Steampunk twist). Look for Ericka's work on Todd Krueger's table. evminiatures@msn.com, www.evminiatures.com, evminiatures.blogspot.com

Cart of lollipops. Sold in sets.
Miniature set of five rainbow lollipops.
Honeydukes Style No-Melt Ice Cream, candy gumdrop topiary, tall jars of hard candy, and collection of lollipops sold in individual sets.
One-of-a-kind candy castle.
Extravagant collection of lollipops and treats for the Holidays, including traditional English sugar mice.

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