Each year, the Show brings together more than 100 U.S. and international artisans and dealers, including a number of I.G.M.A. Artisans and Fellows. They offer collectors unique, well-crafted 1-inch, 1/2-inch, and 1/4-inch scale miniatures from around the world.

Friday, September 28, 2018

2018 Show Preview

Dealer Cat Wingler, North Carolina

New to Good Sam this year, long-time artist Cat Wingler is well known for her adorable one-of-a-kind hand-sculpted miniature character dolls. She has earned the status of IGMA Fellow. Cat will have both quarter-scale and one-inch scale figures available at the show.
Email: catwingler@ec.rr.com

Dealer Jeannie Lindquist

Jeannie Lindquist, a lover of miniatures for over forty-five years, has spent countless hours teaching, demonstrating, and making beautiful realistic miniatures in 1:12 scale. She offers custom botanical flowers and plants, flower arrangements, flower kits, decorated lighted tables, and lamps. Her book "Mostly Paper" will be available for purchase. Web: www.andmoreminis.com

Dealer Miniature Oil Paintings by Jon Olson

A man of many interests, Jon Olson offers many kinds of miniature oil paintings. His work ranges greatly from historically accurate, relatively "tight" paintings associated with marine, southwest and aviation subjects and extremely detailed miniatures to impressionistic plein air works. Over the last few years he has participated in miniature shows in London and Madrid, and now has pieces with European collectors. He also creates full-sized works. Jon and Nat added,  "After several years of travel it is truly exciting to return to the Good Sam Show."
Web: jonolsonart.com

Dealer Alma Di Andrea, Vilia Miniature, Italy

Alma Di Andrea has attended Good Sam since 2014. She offers a wide range of 1:12 scale and 1:24 scale unpainted furniture, accessories, and more. This includes wood store display units, shop counters, kitchen furnishings, bathroom and kitchen sinks, bedroom pieces, and more. Furniture pieces are available for you to decorate or already decorated. Vilia Miniature also makes an interesting selection of handcrafted accessories and some kits.
Web: www.viliaminiature.it

Dealer Tony Jones Miniatures

The very talented Tony Jones is a phenomenal artisan with fantastic designs, amazing creations, and ideas. He is well known for his custom made miniatures and roomboxes. Tony uses choice woods and veneers with inlay banding and marquetry, and is well known for the outstanding quality of his work.
Email: banjobrotj@hotmail.com

Dealer Lisa Hicks, A WeeBitTeeny Modern Minis

Lisa Hicks from Sherman Oaks, CA, does business as "A WeeBitTeeny Modern Minis." It is a modern miniature dollhouse, furnishings, and decor shop. She carries an exceptional line of miniature LED lighting. Lisa says, "We are inspired by all things mini and our love for contemporary, modern, and traditional design styles in miniature form.
Web: www.AweeBitTeeny.com

Dealer Kathryn Gooding, Asta Minis

Kathryn Gooding, Asta Minis, returns to Good Sam this year. She offers vintage and discontinued Bespaq. This includes production samples, factory samples, and items never added to the line.  Discounted prices.
Email: kgooding@prodigy.net

Dealer Karen Laisure, M&L Precision - Minis by Karen acquires Wright Guide

With the retirement of Grover and Mary Ann Ledyard, Karen Laisure has acquired Wright Guide.  If you are looking for Wright Guide miniatures, stop by her table and browse.
Web: www.minisbykaren.com

Friday, September 21, 2018

2018 Show Preview

Dealer Rik Pierce, Frogmorton Studios

Rik Pierce is well known for his imaginative 1:12 scale Paperclay structures. His designs conjure up images of rustic English Medieval and Tudor buildings. His book "The Magical World of Rik Pierce" embraces his wide range of paperclay storybook structures. He also offers a fine variety of original Dollhouse Resin Castings. Rik's "Techniques Tutorial" book is filled with colored photographs and detailed step-by-step info on the techniques he taught when giving dollhouse classes over the past 15 years. Rik also offers a Paperclay Rolling Board and Tool Set (11 items) of his own design.
Web: http://www.frogmorton.com

Dealer Isako Furuhashi, Atelier Deux Chevaus (Atelier 2 CV),  Japan

Isako Furuhashi has been a dealer at Good Sam since 2011. She designs detailed 1:12 scale antique Japanese and Chinese style furniture and accessories, early 1900s antique pieces, and modern furniture. Her craftsmanship is exceptional. Web: http://www.dollhouse-isako.com

Antique wood Japanese tansu chest Samurai sword, and Japanese-style table lamp.
Traditional Japanese carpenter tools.
Antique Chinese carved folding wash stand with wood wash bucket, 1:12 scale.
Wine with wooden box.

Dealer Ferd Sobol, The Ferd Sobol Editions

Ferd Sobol and his wife Millie have been dealers at Good Sam since 1993. An IGMA Fellow, Ferd specializes in fine handcrafted 1:12 scale furniture from the Federal Period. Don't miss The Ferd Sobol Editions table at this year's show.  Web: www.SobolEditions.com

The Dream Bedroom Ensemble took decades to come to the workshop bench.  It consists of The Vanity Wardrobe, The Federal Dresser, a Pair of Piecrust Tables, and of course his very latest edition, The Dream Bed. When all pieces of this collection are gathered together, the visual splendor is exceeded only by an appreciative comprehension of the many decades it took to create this entire ensemble. While all are currently available separately, a considerable savings exists when purchased as a group.
The Dream Bed, the latest from The Workshop Wizard celebrates a special memory in Millie and Ferd's own life story.  It completes his bedroom pieces perfectly. Many design elements are echoed within the various pieces of The Dream Bedroom Ensemble. Note how the tiny details like the hand carved floral vines of the foot and side boards are repeated on the doors of The Vanity Wardrobe. The Greek Key designs are also repeated again on the Vanity, The Federal Dresser and the headboard of The Dream Bed.
The Dream Bed, the latest from The Workshop Wizard celebrates a special memory in Millie and Ferd's own life story.  It completes his bedroom pieces perfectly. Many design elements are echoed within the various pieces of The Dream Bedroom Ensemble. Note how the tiny details like the hand carved floral vines of the foot and side boards are repeated on the doors of The Vanity Wardrobe. The Greek Key designs are also repeated again on the Vanity, The Federal Dresser and the headboard of The Dream Bed.
Ferd's amazing Metamorphic Desk is shown with a pair of his Demilune Tables. The desk turns from a stately table into a desk with the flip of a fingertip.  It is a replica of a full sized piece built for the Napoleon Bonaparte family, and the original full sized piece is in the Louvre Museum. The Demilune Tables are perfect companion pieces with their ornate open scrolled rope aprons and delicate hand carved central finials.
2018 is Ferd's and Millie's 37th year creating fine miniature furniture. His coffee table book "Commitment To Excellence - The Ferd Sobol Editions" records their journey in the realm of miniatures. It contains more than a hundred pages of his incredible work in the artform, as well as his story, techniques, jigs, numerous detailed photos, and many DIY tutorials to help you build alongside this IGMA Fellow, who has also been named "Great American Woodworker" by American Woodworker magazine. Signed books are available online and at The Good Sam Show.

Dealer Athena Koeppel, Gothic Miniatures

Athena Koeppel handcrafts 1:12 scale books, candles, scrolls, wands and furniture. New to Good Sam this year, Athena has been a vendor at the Tom Bishop Southern California show and the Miniatures West show in Culver City for the past three years. Her spell scrolls were featured in the Dolls' House magazine in the U.K. Web: www.gothicminiatures.com

Dealers Chris, Holly, & Daphnica Wood- Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Chris, Holly, & Daphnica Wood of Scottsville, KY offer a wide variety of quality artisan miniatures (mostly vintage) with an eye for proper scale & intricate detail.  They try to carry a selection from accessible smalls to rare retired artisan work, focusing most heavily on furniture but also with a large selection of paintings, samplers, turnings, & statuary.  They have an especially nice grouping of quality painted country furniture & accessories including many rare pieces by James Hastrich & also some by David White, Mary Grady O'Brien, Cindy Malon, Therese Bahl, & others.  They've previously sold high-end pieces by Linda LaRoche, Don Buttfield, Harry Smith, John Hodgson, & William Robertson just to name a few.  As antique dealers for over 20 years, they feel they learned to recognize quality workmanship in full or small scale, reflecting in the items they offer for sale.  You can visit their Here Today, Gone Tomorrow Facebook page.  The Woods also sell fine miniatures on eBay, under eBay user IDs: scraphooked & born-again
Email: hollywood13@windstream.net

Dealer Karen Benson, The Quarter Source

New to Good Sam this year, Karen Benson creates quarter-scale room box kits and structure kits. She also makes unique and precise 1/4 (1:48) scale laser cut furniture and accessory kits, as well as finished accessories. Web: www.TheQuarterSource.com

Dealer Joan Such Liponi, Such Things

Long-time dealer Joan Such Liponi offers a diverse and eye-catching selection of 1:12 scale furniture and accessories for use in miniature scenes. She also handcrafts an excellent selection of unusual one-of-kind unusual Halloween, Christmas, and artist items in 1:12 scale. Shows only.

Dealer Susan Karatjas and Pamela Ridgley, sdk miniatures LLC

Susan Karatjas and Pamela Ridgley, sdk miniatures LLC, make miniatures and kits in 1/144th, 1/120th (Baby House size), 1/4", 1/2" and 1" scales. In their Etsy shop, they sell completed miniatures. Several are one-of-a-kind decorated pieces. Many items are also available as kits.
Web: www.sdkminiatures.com

1/144th scale cottage.
Half inch scale fuchsia.
1:12th scale bulb garden in a basket.