Each year, the Show brings together more than 100 U.S. and international artisans and dealers, including a number of I.G.M.A. Artisans and Fellows. They offer collectors unique, well-crafted 1-inch, 1/2-inch, and 1/4-inch scale miniatures from around the world.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

At the Show - Fine Handpainted Porcelain from Japan

Miyuki Nagashima, Tokyo, Japan, makes fine hand-painted 1:12 scale porcelain dinnerware, tea sets, wall plates, vases, and more. Originally an artist for full-size porcelain, she began painting in miniature in 2001. An IGMA Artisan, Miyuki is known for the delicate details of her designs and fine gold decoration. New to Good Sam in 2011, we are delighted she has returned for this year's show. mail@miyuki-miniature-porcelain.com
Dinner set with Blue Flowers and Gold Leaves. Silver by IGMA Fellow Peter Acquisto. www.acquistosilver.com
Tea set with antique fruit design from KPM, the Royal Porcelain Factory in Berlin, Germany (founded in 1763).
Plates with antique fruit design from KPM, the Royal Porcelain Factory in Berlin, Germany (founded in 1763).
Collection of porcelain cups and saucers with Meissen flowers. Porcelain from Meissen, Germany dominated the style of European porcelain from 1710 to 1756.
Vase and Collector's Plates in the tradition of 18th century Sèvres porcelain, France. Inspired by the Catherine II collection in the State Hermitage Museum, Russia.

At the Show - Animal Figures from Japan

Takumi Takanashi from Yokohamashi, Japan, is new to Good Sam this year.  She makes one-of-a-kind 1:12 scale animal figures and has a reputation for selling out at every show. Her work is exceptional and speaks for itself. Here are examples of the types of animals you can expect to find at Takumi's table.  Email: Takumi@minimalxanimal.com. Web: http://www.minimalxanimal.com

At the Show - Fine Furniture from England

An IGMA Fellow, Cabinetmaker Geoff Wonnacott of England makes fine furniture reproductions in 1:12 scale. Each piece is individually handcrafted using the finest materials, often sourced from antique furniture. Commissions are undertaken. This is Geoff's third year as a dealer at Good Sam. He is also teaching a Friday Workshop. In 2011, he taught a Featured Workshop. GffWon@aol.com, Web: www.geoffrey.wonnacott.org. New website: www.geoffreywonnacott.co.uk

Chinese Chippendale Breakfront. This pagoda topped breakfront is antique mahogany with its interior painted an authentic green. The lower doors and drawers are veneered in burl amboyna crossbanded in mahogany.
Regency Splayed Leg Chess Table. Made in mahogany with amboyna burl veneered top. Ebony and boxwood Staunton chess pieces on an ebony and holly wood board. Standing on brass castors.
George I Banded Chest, c1725. Made in walnut with crossbanded drawers and featherbanded burl veneered top. It has four graduated drawers and a brushing slide.
18th century Chippendale Corner Cupboard. Offered as workshop at the 2011 Show. Porcelain by IGMA Artisan Miyuki Nagashima, Japan.
Louis XVI "Secrétaire à Abattant." Porcelain Sèvres plaque by IGMA Artisan Miyuki Nagashima, Japan.

At the Show - Lighting and Chemistry Glassware from England

Ray Storey of England handcrafts fine 1:12 scale light fixtures with hand blown glass shades from the Victorian, Georgian, Tudor, and Art Nouveau eras. His glass shades are fitted with fantastic screw thread shades and easily replaceable bi-pin bulbs. The shades simply unscrew whenever you wish to change the bulb. Ray also makes a fabulous selection of 1:12 scale hand blown chemistry glassware. He has attended Good Sam since 2010. sales@raystoreylighting.com, www.raystoreylighting.com

New 2 arm down Gas Light with round hand-painted glass globes. 
An exciting new selection of 1:12 scale hand blown chemistry glassware.

At the Show - Quarter-Scale Ladies Accessories

In addition to fabulous 1:12 scale women's accessories, Artist Designer Lori Ann Potts from Canada makes a similar quarter-scale line. She will be bringing completed vignette pieces of the same type as those she is known for in full-scale. Due to space constraints, she will not be bringing her fine selection of quarter-scale kits available off eBay. Her first year at Good Sam was 2011.  mustardseed@uniserve.com, http://stores.ebay.com/Lori-Ann-Potts-Miniature-Arts 

Quarter-scale draped sales tables and pieces designed to work in a women's apparel shop. All of the pieces are created on custom mannequins and finished using silk fabrics.

New quarter-scale kits available from Lori Ann's eBay store or from Larrianne's Small Wonders, Ventura, CA. Tel: 805-643-4042. larriannes@sbcglobal.net, larriannessmallwonders.com

At the Show - Vintage, Antique & More

Sara Risley, Red Bow, is new to Good Sam this year. The majority of her items are either vintage or antique. She also has some artisan made furnishings acquired over the years, plus a variety of other things more common. The majority of her items are 1:12 but some of the antique ones are a bit larger. All the items pictured will be for sale.  srisley@mcn.org

Antique girl and buggy
German Furniture
Artisan bed and doll
Arcade furniture
Tootsie Toys

At the Show - Quarter-Scale from Canada

Barbara Greene, Silver Fox Creations, Canada deals in quarter-scale miniatures. She offers fine quality wallpaper, carpets, lighting, furnishings, kitchen accessories, and more. She is the distributor of 1/4-inch furniture made exclusively for her by Bespaq. Barbara has attended Good Sam every other year since 2008.  barbara@silverfoxcreations.com, www.silverfoxcreations.com

Exquisite Bespaq living room furniture and accessories. The lamp, carpet and plant are from Barbara's line of accessories.
Bedroom set by Bespaq. Rug from Barbara's accessories. 
Lovely Bespaq bathroom fixtures in cream with hand-painted floral design and gold trim. 
Many styles of stained glass panels printed on clear acetate with different external trims. 
Door with stained glass inserts and round windows.

At the Show - Tiny Haunted Village

IGMA Fellow Sylvia Mobley has created a new Halloween Village with houses about an inch high. Buildings sold separately. While the houses have no scale, they are designed to work in a 1:12 scale doll house as decorations. She also handcrafts fine porcelain dolls, domestic cats and dogs, wild animals, and baby animals. pinerose@dishmail.net, www.sylviamobley.com

Haunted Village lit up: The ancient tree is ceramic. All of the other trees are soldered and painted wire.

 Haunted Village at night.
Demon Cottage (pink). An abandoned Victorian Cottage with a Demon that comes out the windows to scare away strangers.
Pumpkin House with leaning walls, loose shutters, sagging roof.
"Vinetree house" is decorated with trees trying to take over the house.

At the Show - New from Dealer - Paintings & Jigsaw Puzzles

IGMA Fellow Barbara Stanton is offering a fine selection of new oil paintings at this year's show. She has added two new 1:12 scale miniature dollhouse size jigsaw puzzles to her line. Each puzzle has an image of one of her paintings. $25 each. Seven different designs are available off Barbara's website and on her table at Good Sam. www.barbarastanton.com

Group of new 2012 oil paintings in 1:12 scale.
New "Spotted Huntress" dollhouse size jigsaw puzzle, 80 pieces, 1.5" x 2", matching box.
New "Sentinel" Dollhouse size jigsaw puzzle, 80 pieces, 1.5" x 2", matching box.
Additional jigsaw puzzles by Barbara. Available at show and off website.

At the Show - Native American Pottery & More

Gloria Bogulas of Arizona has been a dealer at Good Sam most years since the show's beginning. This year she is bringing items to celebrate the Day of the Dead, Native American pottery, sterling silver hand-painted Nursery characters 1-inch tall, fairies, and a multitude of charming Christmas wreaths, plus much more. Shows only.

Handcrafted Native American plates, 1-1/4" tall. Pot 5/8-inches tall. 1:12 scale. Photos courtesy of SP Miniatures, spminiatures@gmail.com, www.spminiatures.com

Christmas Wreaths, 1:12 scale. Photos courtesy of DBJ Miniatures, www.dbjminiatures.com

Ballerina Christmas Wreath, 1-1/2" round x 7/16" deep. 1/12 scale.
Nutcracker Mouse Christmas Wreath, 2" round x 1/2" deep. 1/12 scale.

At the Show - Exhibits

This week's exhibit "Tête-à-Tête" will be on display at this year's Good Sam Show. It is from the collection of Michael Puff, the Good Sam Show photographer.

"The Belle Époque room box (late 1800s-early 1900s) was designed by IGMA Artisan Bluette Meloney and I built it in a workshop she offered," Michael tells us. "Doll artist Jamie Carrington told me that his romantic tête-à-tête couple has been married for twenty-two years, and have two sons in University."

Saturday, September 22, 2012

At the Show - Structures

Erik Goddard was a dealer at Good Sam for the first time last year. He has been making architectural structures, room boxes and scenes for about four or five years. Erik specializes in modern houses and rooms, classic and period pieces, Japanese structures, tree houses, and the dimly lit Midnight Series. mail@erikgoddard.com,www.erikgoddard.com
Urban Nook is a condo situated around the 20th floor of a landscape of glass and steel.
Acha 1 is a multi-room modern structure, 1:12 scale. Scheduled for completion in 2013.
Acha 2 is a multi-room modern structure, 1:12 scale. Scheduled for completion in 2013.
Converted Loft: Empty warehouse rooms converted into upscale condos.
Queen Victoria Pub based on the pub seen on the set of Eastenders (popular television dramas in the U.K.).
Samurai house, custom built for a collector of Japanese samurai and medieval weaponry.