Each year, the Show brings together more than 100 U.S. and international artisans and dealers, including a number of I.G.M.A. Artisans and Fellows. They offer collectors unique, well-crafted 1-inch, 1/2-inch, and 1/4-inch scale miniatures from around the world.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Dealer Debbie Heard, D. Sierck Ltd: Collectibles, Accessories, Estate Sales

Debbie Heard sells as D. Sierck Ltd and offers a wonderful array of miniatures from private collections and estate sales. These are exceptional items from talented artists of the past as well as the present. “I started making miniatures at the age of 10, my mother, Lola Renner (from Lola Originals), started the business. At age 18, I got my own sellers permit and continued making foods with my mom from then on. Twelve years ago I purchased a very large estate from the son of a good friend that had passed. I really enjoyed selling the collection, and loved the buyer’s reaction to seeing so many wonderful items from the past that were no longer available on the market. I selectively purchase estates from people that have quality, unique offerings. Thus the next generation can enjoy them as much as their last owners treasured them.”

Debbie has been a dealer at our show in her own name since the early 1990's. Debbie's email is fjdebbie@aol.com Writing by Carolynn Walden.

Painting from M. Wolcott of two small dogs
and a Victorian lady's hat

An expertly crafted silver and glass vase by Emily Good

A gardening display by an unknown artist
with all the accessories

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