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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fantasy Structures by Rik Pierce, Frogmorton Studios

Rik Pierce, Frogmorton Studios, designs fantasy structures based on English medieval and Tudor buildings. Using Creative Paperclay, he incorporates fanciful brickwork, chimneys, plaster, fireplaces with glowing embers, fanciful walkways, and more. Rik makes heavy use of leaded/stained glass windows, distressed hand-hewn beams, and aged plank wood flooring. He takes pride in always giving the viewer "a lot to look at". Don't miss his table at this year's show.  rik@frogmorton.com, http://www.frogmorton.com, http://frogmortonstudios.shutterfly.com/

The Crooked House with Crooked Man and Crooked Cat.

lorean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlor. Inspired by the Harry Potter series, it is a small building in Diagon Alley with a tower, bay windows, and a very rustic exterior.

The Smuggler's Cottage built on a rock in a lake. The lower room is carved from the rock. The upper room and loft are built atop the rock.

To see more of Rik's work, go here.

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