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Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Guys from Texas, Academy Instructors

Last week we introduced Nell Corkin to start featuring our 2014 Good Sam Academy instructors. This week we want to introduce The Guys from Texas, another of our 2014 Academy instructors.

The Guys from Texas are Jon Fish and Larry Osborn. They have taught classes in the San Jose area for a number of years, and always have a number of students in class. Jon and Larry make some of the finest structures in the country, in 1:12, 1:24 and 1:48 inch scales. Their cutting is such that everything fits perfectly. They frequently do the cutting for the structures for other artists' classes due to the quality of their work.

Jon and Larry are also experts at lighting and at finishing interiors and exteriors in most any period there is. They generously share their techniques when they teach. We don't know what they are teaching in 2014 as yet, but it is sure to be exciting. We hope we are showing their versatility below. Their email is theguysworkshops@satx.rr.com, and go to www.picturetrail.com/theguysfromtexas to see more examples of their work and some tutorials.

Cypress and Fog, taught in 2010, captures the feel of the Monterey Peninsula here in California. Notice how the lighting enhances the scene. 1:12 (one inch scale)

"Teahouse of the Paper Moon" taught in 2012, is a delightful structure that accurately portrays the tea ceremonies of Asia. 1:12 (one inch scale)

Here are two views of "Fill 'Er Up", a 1:24 (half inch scale) building, part of their series of half scale village buildings, a delightful gas station of old.

"King Midas" is a fanciful depiction of the King in his castle. "Be Careful What You Wish For" is the alternate title. James Carrington made the King for Jon and Larry for this delightful scene. Again, the lighting effects are so special.

"Retail Therapy" is The Guys first of the 1:24 (half inch scale) shops for their Street of Shops. It features a square bay window with a slanted top, which provides additional viewing through the glass above. I just feel sorry for the shop owner who will have to clean the glass up there. This class emphasized the finishing of the exterior, but all of the inner walls were removeable for easy completion of the interior at home.

Closeup of the "Grand" Movie Theater wih
curved glass ticket booth. Remember when
movies were 10 cents?

Front of the "Grand" Movie Theater, a miniature
in 1:48 (quarter scale) that is a tour de force
in concept, lighting, and execution.

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  1. Great projects - and great photos. Thanks for the post.