Each year, the Show brings together more than 100 U.S. and international artisans and dealers, including a number of I.G.M.A. Artisans and Fellows. They offer collectors unique, well-crafted 1-inch, 1/2-inch, and 1/4-inch scale miniatures from around the world.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Animals & More: Bridget McCarty

Bridget McCarty specializes in hand-sculpted furry animals and pets with lots of personality. She also makes some dolls, fanciful characters, and special scenes that are sure to delight. No matter the season or Holiday, Bridget always has something enchanting to share. aliceinteacup@yahoo.com, http://www.bridgetmccarty.com, bridgetmccarty.blogspot.com, http://www.facebook.com/pages/Miniature-Pets-By-Bridget-McCarty/133772454555#

One-of-a-kind charming Mermaid doll, 1:12 scale.
Hand-painted and lavishly decorated 1:12 scale hutch full of characters and little items handmade by Bridget.
An adorable furry orange kitten. 1:12 scale.
Hand-painted cupboard with two gorgeous blue-eyed Ragdoll Cats and little items handcrafted by Bridget. 1:12 scale.
One-of-a-kind Alice in Wonderland character doll and the White Rabbit, 1:12 scale.

To see more of Bridget's work, go here, here, here and here.

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