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Saturday, June 8, 2013

GSAM Workshops: Fun With Power Tools

On Saturday, June l, Barbara Jones, Good Sam Chairman, taught two hands-on "Fun with Power Tools" workshops at the Good Sam Academy. Saturday morning, students learned to use a bench top table saw.  Saturday afternoon, students learned to use a scroll saw.

Enthusiastic students started the morning class with slight feelings of trepidation. All were able to practice ripping, cross cutting, cutting circles, and cutting dentil molding and finger joints. Students used GSAM's Dremel, Jarmac and Proxxon table saws, as well as several makes of scroll saws.

Seven students attended the Bench Top Table Saw Class in the morning.

 Instructor demonstrating cross cutting on a table saw.
Students trying out three different brands of table saws.
Instructor showing students how to set up sides of a box to cut finger/box joints.
Students working at table saws.

Eight students attended the Scroll Saw Class in the afternoon.

Instructor showing students how a scroll saw blade is adjusted.
Students working at scroll saws.

Participants left with a new-found sense of confidence and their own handmade, finger joint cherry wood pieces to assemble later into boxes. The fee was $15 for each 3-hour session with proceeds to be used to build up GSAM's tool pool.

Later in 2013 or early 2014, Barbara hopes to offer more power tools classes. These will include lathe turning, use of the overhead router, making cornices, moldings and paneling. Interested students may contact her at northbaj@att.net or 408-257-9385.  Also, if anyone has power tools to donate to GSAM, please give Barbara a call. Photos and write-up courtesy of Rhona Lee, Gilroy, CA.

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