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Saturday, May 11, 2013

From the Chairman - Tools Needed for the Good Sam Academy

We continue to seek donations of tools for the new Good Sam Academy of Miniatures. If you live in the Bay Area and would like to donate any of the tools listed below, we would be delighted to have them. All such donations are tax deductible.

Tools needed for the Academy:
1.  Small table saws by Dremel, Preac, Proxxon, Jarmac or Microlux.
2.  Scroll or jig saws by Dremel, Microlux, Hegner or others.
3.  Drill presses by Cameron, Proxxon, Microlux, Anker, Dremel #210 drill presses
     and other overhead shapers.
4.  Dremel Moto-tools, the ones you hold in your hand, of any age.
5.  Lathes by Taig, Sherline, Unimat, Anker or Klein, and duplicators to fit where
6.  Belt sanders and disc sanders by Jarmac, Dremel and others.
7.  Magnetic gluing jigs, sharp drill bits (sizes 61-80 in boxed sets), pin vises, various
     clamps, tweezers, cutters and nippers, small pliers, squares, rulers, depth and angle
     gauges, needle files, small screw drivers (slotted and Phillips).

If you have tools to donate or would like to be put on the Academy's mailing list, email Barbara Jones, Chairman, at northbaj@att.net

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