Each year, the Show brings together more than 100 U.S. and international artisans and dealers, including a number of I.G.M.A. Artisans and Fellows. They offer collectors unique, well-crafted 1-inch, 1/2-inch, and 1/4-inch scale miniatures from around the world.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Celebrating Easter with Good Sam Dealers

Spring is in the air, and Easter beckons. To celebrate the season, we asked a few of the Good Sam dealers to share some of their cheery Easter decor and springtime offerings. They have done so, and we bring a warm welcome to Spring and Easter to you in this week's Blog. Enjoy!

Garden bunny in a crate with spring poppies, daffodils and Easter eggs. Created by Laura Crain, Dollhouse Land.

Easter & Spring Flowers

Laura Crain of Dollhouse Land has been a dealer at Good Sam since 2008. She crafts 1:12 scale flower designs that are fresh, imaginative and whimsical. Her distinctive Easter and Spring decor is sure to delight.  Laura also makes miniature 1:12 scale food. Look for her table at this year's Good Sam Show. LauraCrain2@aol.com

Chocolate Bunny in cart with Spring flowers and Easter eggs.
Garden Gate in Spring with wee Easter chicks.
Spring Flower Cart.
Garden Bunny in a cart with Spring flowers and ornamental cabbage.
A lovely Spring/Easter floral arrangement entitled "Angel Flowers." 

To see more of Laura Crain's designs, go here

Easter Decorations & Finery

This will be Larrianne Hilditch's third year to attend Good Sam. For more than thirty years, she has done business as Larrianne's Small Wonders in Ventura, California. She also offers workshops. Larrianne is the exclusive retailer for Lori Ann Potts women's and men's finery. They share a table at Good Sam. Go to Larrianne's website for details and pricing on her Easter, Ladies Essentials and Bakery items shown here. Tel: 805-289-1508, larriannes@sbcglobal.net, larriannessmallwonders.com

More Easter Decorations & Finery

For the past seven years, Shellie Kazan has been a dealer at Good Sam. For more than thirty years, she has operated Shellie's Miniature Mania in San Carlos, CA. She specializes in exceptional international artisan miniatures, Bespaq furniture, dolls, accessories, lighting, dollhouse kits, and more. Shellie also offers workshops by fine miniature artisans. 650-593-4921, shelliesminis@msn.com, www.shelliesminis.com

Shelf unit with Easter treats/Spring flowers.
Wicker pram by Wilhelmina. Baby sold separately. White rocker holds baby doll. Basket with Easter Bunny/clothing. Little dolly in pink and handmade rug.
Doll in green silk. Green hat/parasol and Easter Egg on wicker dresser by Rhea's Wicker. Basket of wrapping paper. Wicker bench by Warling.
Mauve trimmed hats and white stand with flowers.
Pretty hat/parasol with pink roses (sold separately). Bouquet of roses. Wicker Coffee Table by Warling.
Hat with coral-orange trims by Nancy Manders. Orange floral arrangement.
Decorated Easter chair. Wicker Table by Uncle Ciggie. Calla lilies in glass vase. "Decorating Easter Eggs" on newspaper. Ornamental kale in pot. Two rabbits.
Collection of well-dressed dollies. Wicker chair by Uncle Ciggie.

Easter Bunnies, Eggs & Chicks

Bridget McCarty has been a dealer at Good Sam for the past two years. She specializes in enchanting furry animals, pets, and more. Shown here are a few of her special Easter creations. No matter the season or Holiday, Bridget always has lots of interesting special scenes and characters to share. Don't miss her table at this year's show.  aliceinteacup@yahoo.com, www.bridgetmccarty.com, bridgetmccarty.blogspot.com,

Lovely little Easter scene with darling white Easter Bunnies and more.
Scene with adorable wee chicks and colorful Easter eggs.
Wee bunny on top of a barrel of greens. Like all of Bridge's pets, it has the sweetest face.
Adorable pair of baby bunnies.

To see more of Bridget's work, go here and here

The Easter Bunny & Rabbits

IGMA Fellow Sylvia Mobley has been a dealer at Good Sam for the last six years. She makes 1:12 scale porcelain dolls, cats, dogs and wild animals. She also makes a tiny Christmas Village and Haunted Village with pieces about one-inch tall. In addition, Sylvia makes a line of resin figures. To see more of Sylvia's work, go to her website and blog. Look for her table at this year’s show.  pinerose@dishmail.netwww.sylviamobley.com, sylviamobley.blogspot.com

Sylvia's Easter bunny with carrots and some of the rabbits available on her website.

To see more of Sylvia's work, go here, here and here

Easter Decorations & Collectibles

Laura Montgomery of Milestone Miniatures has attended Good Sam the last two years. She creates a charming collection of distinctive decor for the various Holidays, shabby chic furniture, and various one-of-a-kind items. Her work is unique, with a fair amount of whimsy added in. Don't miss her table at this year's show. hobbyqueen@gmail.com, www.milestoneminiatures.com

Easter Bunny with Easter eggs on tray.
Darling Easter Bunny with glitter in a top hat.
Wee decorative chick in a hand-painted clay pot on a stand with Easter eggs.
Pink egg glitter house in a little shadow box with ribbon and pearls trim.
Tiny glitter house with Easter eggs.

To see more of Laura Montgomery's work, go here, here and here

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Update: 2013 Good Sam Academy of Miniatures

Last week, we announced that the first annual Good Sam Academy of Miniatures (GSAM) classes will be held Oct 14-18, 2013, in Morgan Hill, CA. Workshops will commence on Monday immediately following the Good Sam Miniature Show. For class descriptions, photos and registration information go to the GSAM website. http://goodsamshowcase.miniature.net/goodsamacademy.htm

There will be six outstanding instructors, teaching eight different classes. We are eager for you to see more of each instructor's work. Over the next several weeks, we will present one instructor a week, along with additional photos of that instructor's work. 

This week, we are including photos of a few Bluette Meloney's designs. An IGMA Artisan, she is scheduled to teach a 5-day workshop "Le Bon Marché" (The Good Market) at the Academy.

GSAM Instructor Bluette Meloney

An IGMA Artisan in Faux Finishes, Bluette Meloney teaches students in her workshops a wide range of faux finishes and trompe-l'oeil effects. Class participants learn how to stucco, create patinas, sponge, wood-grain (faux bois), antique, gold-leaf, age copper (faux verdigris), and more. Bluette says "I work hard to be sure when we finish a workshop that students leave with something they love."

Bluette's "Perfumery" is the original prototype for "Le Bon Marché," her upcoming workshop at the Good Sam Academy. Photos by Connie Sauve, Exhibit Chairman and GSAM Director. Bluette has made minor modifications and improvements. Look for photos on the Academy website about the end of March.

The exterior of Bluette's Art Deco Egyptian Theater is almost identical to the Brill Building (New York City, 1931). Students learned how to achieve the exterior look of polished granite by using "Eglomise" (reverse painting).

The interior is inspired by the lobby of the historical Grand Lake Theater in Oakland, California. Built in 1931, it has an elaborate and ornate Ancient Egyptian theme. Students put in faux marble floors, Egyptian columns, Egyptian mosaics, and floor-to-ceiling Egyptian murals from the time of the pharaohs.

Enchanté is a New Orleans street shop with hidden courtyard. A very popular workshop, it was designed as a narrow shelf-setter or to be wall-hung. 

Some photos of Bluette's table from the 2012 Good Sam Show. Courtesy of Connie Sauve, Exhibit Chairman and GSAM Director.

To see more of Bluette's designs go here
Email: Bluette Meloney: miniatures@bluettemeloney.com  Website: http://bluettemeloney.com/