Each year, the Show brings together more than 100 U.S. and international artisans and dealers, including a number of I.G.M.A. Artisans and Fellows. They offer collectors unique, well-crafted 1-inch, 1/2-inch, and 1/4-inch scale miniatures from around the world.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

At the Show - International Lighting

Based in England, Ray Storey founded Ray Storey Lighting in 1995 and has been providing exceptional miniature lighting products since that time. He has attended Good Sam for the past two years.

For Ray, lighting design is a passion. His 1:12th scale lighting range encompasses Victorian, Georgian, Tudor, Art Nouveau and more. He offers several styles of hand blown glass shades and colors. His lights have taken years to perfect to the exceptionally high standard they have now reached. Ray makes a large selection of 1:12 scale hand blown chemistry glassware in addition to fine lighting.               

Two-arm down bronze gas light with lovely crystal serrated bell shades.
Two-arm up dark bronze light with hand blown red bell shades.

Three-arm Art Nouveau chandelier. 
Dark bronze Art Nouveau pendant with hand blown topaz serrated bell shade.
Bronze table light with hand blown cranberry glass shade.
Three-arm up brass chandelier, hand blown frosted cranberry color tulip shades with gold trim.
A selection of hand blown chemistry glassware, 1:12 scale.

At the Show - Furniture and Paintings

Brian "Rainbow Hand" and Kathy Tepper launched their stylish and theatrical 1:12 scale Kaleidoscope Collection at the 2010 Good Sam Show. It proved to be an instant success. www.rainbowhandandkathy.com

Very labor-intensive, each one-of-a-kind Kaleidoscope grouping is stunning and exquisitely executed. Brian meticulously hand-paints the furniture with colorful fanciful designs. For the upholstery, Kathy harmoniously combines an impressive range of vividly colored patterns and textures. They enhance each grouping with unusual accessories. They have attended Good Sam the last six years.
Kaleidoscope cabinet with vine table and chairs.
Photo showing the Kaleidoscope cabinet opened up.
Child's Kaleidoscope chair and lemonade table.
Black and gold Kaleidoscope table and chairs with screen.
Painted kitchen pantry table and kitchen fish chairs.
Pedestal with vase. Chair inspired by Carlos Bugatti design (Italian furniture designer around 1900). Glass painted fish sculpture.

Hand-painted checkerboard table with antique metal dog and "candy" checkers. Upholstered arm chair.

For awhile now, the Teppers have been making Rustic European and Extravagant Castle Furnishings. The pieces have an old world warm and charm that continues to be popular with collectors. To compliment this line, Brian creates original miniature oil paintings on canvas with an emphasis on sailing ships and chickens (roosters and hens). These paintings add considerable charm when integrated into a scene.
Rustic European chair, gentleman's vanity table with a bit of a nautical theme, and painting of sailing vessel.
Framed original oil painting of rooster with two chickens by Rainbow Hand.
Framed original oil paintings of sailing ships by Rainbow Hand.

At the Show - Exhibits

This week's exhibit from the 2011 Good Sam Show is entitled "The World of Tomorrow" and is by Paul Osze, Pacifica, California. Each year, Paul brings a very special exhibit that is guaranteed to startle and amaze viewers.  This particular exhibit is machined plastic and brass construction. It has fluorescent and LED lighting along with audio and video elements.
The World of Tomorrow by Paul Osze.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

At the Show - International Painter

It is with pleasure that we share stunning one-of-a-kind miniature oil paintings by Johannes Landman from British Columbia, Canada. Johannes has attended Good Sam since 2009.

No matter the subject, Johannes Landman's paintings are masterpieces in miniature. He finds inspiration in historical paintings and likes to reinterpret them in his own style. An IGMA Artisan, his favorite 1:12 scale subjects are Portraits and Still Life. His large paintings have been exhibited in art shows. jilandman@telus.net
Decorative panel about 4" x 6"  with original design to inspire a romantic feel (after Boucher). 
Oil painting of Juliette Gordon Low after Edward Hughes (1887). About 2-1/2" by 3-1/2" framed.
Oil painting "Portrait of a man in a plume hat." 
"Springtime" oil painting. Original by Pierre Auguste Cot, 1873.
Duchess of Devonshire from the movie with Keira Knightly. Background and details altered to make it look like the original painting. 
Oil painting in the dramatic chiaro oscura (light/dark) style of Italian artist Caravaggio (1571-1610).  

At the Show - Silversmith

This week, we bring you silver pieces by Peter Acquisto, Acquisto Silver Company. He is at the top in his field and is respected as such.

Peter designs some of the finest quality 1:12 scale reproductions of antique silver and gold pieces in the world. An IGMA Fellow, his exquisite miniature creations are brilliantly executed and will add a special touch to any collection. The Acquistos have been coming to Good Sam for more than thirty years.  Minisilver@aol.com, www.acquistosilver.com
Limited Edition Wine Fountain (sold out) c1703/4.  Neoclassical Sauce Boat, c1810. Limited Edition Art Nouveau Mirror, c1880.
Victorian Breakfast Warmer and English Kettle (c1747-1748), Limited Editions. George IV Campana Shaped Wine Cooler (c1822). 
Victorian Breakfast Warmer, Limited Edition.
Victorian shell-shaped English Biscuit Box, Limited Edition (sold out).
Ornately pierced inside cover of Victorian Biscuit Box and 24KT gold washed inside shell containers, Limited Edition.

At the Show - Furniture

When you stop by Acquisto Silver Company's table, you will also find distinctive 1:12 scale antique furniture and collectors' items by John J. Hodgson, England. He also makes exquisite 1:24 scale chairs. A renowned English craftsman, John is an IGMA Fellow. Special thanks to Peter and Dee Acquisto for bringing John's work to the Good Sam Show. Sue@johnjhodgson.com, www.johnjhodgson.com
Louis XV style gilt console table, settee, arm chair, and mirror with flowing ribbon design. Fabric printed by www.susanbembridgedesigns.co.uk.
Louis XV style gilt carvers and Louis style gilt fire screen with bird design from a Sue Bakker needlepoint.
Transitional 1760-1775 (Pre Louis XVI) gilt chaise longue (lounge) and Louis XV gilt arm chair in red Chantilly fabric.
Gilt William and Mary style side chairs. Louis XV style fire screen with printed design from Sue Bakker tapestry.
A pair of hand-painted and gilt blackamoor boys.

At the Show - Exhibits

One exhibit chosen for this week is from the 2011 Good Sam Show and the other is from the 2007 Show. Both are thoughtfully conceived and filled with exceptional detail.
"Sit" is a light-hearted scene by Barbara Jones, Chairman of the Good Sam Show Committee. It showcases a doll by Jan Duda, furniture by Ferd Sobol, painting by Johannes Landman, bowl by Teresa Welch, and puppy by Alice Zinn. From the 2011 Good Sam Show.
Landman Gallery from the collection of Barbara Davis, IGMA Guild School Director, showcases Johannes Landman's oil paintings and other fine miniatures.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

At the Show - International Artisan

This week, we share the work of a dealer from Germany who has been attending Good Sam the last seven years.

Silvia Leiner, Cinderella, paints and dresses 1:12 scale porcelain dolls and makes fashion accessories, dress busts, boxed clothing, etc. She specializes in German hand-painted Christmas decorations, toys in boxes, and carries German kitchen utensils and tools. sbleiner@aol.com, www.cinderellaminiaturen.com

Three sheep and farmer's wife plucking chicken.
1800s red-haired lady in fine white undergarments trimmed with lace and pink ribbons.
1870s Lady in beige walking dress.
Mother and little girls attired as wedding guests (1870s).
Late 19th century lady in fashionable attire. Bespaq sideboard hand-painted by Gabriele Leiner. Hand blown decorated glassware by Gerd Felka, Germany.
Display of Silvia Leiner's busts, mannequins and fashion accessories.

At the Show - Artisan

Long-time dealer Deb Laue, Dragonfly International, has come to the Good Sam Show regularly since 1996. The depth and breadth of her "have-to-have" products is truly amazing. She often offers a workshop at the annual Good Sam Show.

Deb's table is filled to overflowing with first-rate kits and supplies for making jewelry, plus hats and hatboxes, purses, toys, trunks, gift boxes, and more. She stocks mannequins, display stands, busts and flocking. Her crafter tools are exceptional and her laces, trims, leathers and fabrics are excellent.  http://www.dragonflyintl.com/
Workshop for Dome Top Trunk full of memorabilia. Available in kit form.
Jewelry kits available at very affordable prices
Three-tier display jewelry kit and Lacey jewels.
"A Millinery Confection" workshop.
"Sewing Cabinet" workshop.
Shoji Screen Kit laser cut from maple wood and vellum.

At the Show - Shoemaker

Sylvia Rountree, The Dolls Cobbler, has attended Good Sam since 1983. Her footwear is in collections and museums all over the world. She always brings new and interesting merchandise to share with attendees.

Sylvia has been handcrafting 1:12 scale shoes for almost forty years. An IGMA Fellow and NAME AOH recipient (1986), she designs a wide variety of women and men's shoes and boots. Sylvia also makes luggage, carpetbags, children's colorful raincoats, rain boots, and much more.  Be sure to look at Carol Olsen's magnificent hats, handbags and parasols, an exclusive with The Dolls Cobbler. www.dollscobbler.com

Handmade hats and leather shoes in black and white.
Handmade leather shoes and boots by Sylvia. Hats, handbags, and parasols by Carol Olsen.
Men's camouflage lace-up hunting boots, work boots with box, lace-up work boots, contemporary golf shoes, and brown tie oxfords.
Fishing chest waders, fishing hip boots, contemporary black fireman's boots, and wellies.
Toddler "Piggy" raincoat, hat, and boots set.
Delightful leather shoes for Santa's elves.
Handcrafted leather luggage on cart.

Witch shoes and pirate boots by Sylvia. Witch and pirate hats by Nancy Wantiez.