Each year, the Show brings together more than 100 U.S. and international artisans and dealers, including a number of I.G.M.A. Artisans and Fellows. They offer collectors unique, well-crafted 1-inch, 1/2-inch, and 1/4-inch scale miniatures from around the world.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Sept 28 Estate Sale in Morgan Hill

Don't miss this amazing Sept 28 estate sale with over 100 lots of miniatures (mostly 1-inch scale). To be held 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at our facility at 315 Digital Drive in Morgan Hill, CA. You will find structures, room boxes, train layout with village, furnishings and accessories. Everything is priced to sell.

Magnolia Manor, 9-rooms, electrified. 4 ft. long. $500 or best offer. Available now, prior to the Sept. 28 Estate Sale. Delivery offered in the Bay Area. Contact hufstuff2003@yahoo.com 

Chateau Rose, electrified. 4 ft. long. $500 or best offer. Available now, prior to the Sept. 28 Estate Sale. Delivery offered in the Bay Area. Contact hufstuff2003@yahoo.com 
Vintage stove with copper pots, tea kettle, pan from oven, and chef's hat. Lot 14.
Pretty bed with floral spread, dressing table with stool, and night stand. Lot 16.
White canopy bed with pink satin and lace coverlet and pillow, matching bench, and armoire. Lot 17.
Old-fashioned walnut pull chain toilet, wood bathtub, and sink built into counter. Lot 29.
Victorian sofa with carved wood, coffee table, and Victorian fireplace with mirrored mantle. Lot 30.
Two ducks and collection of duck decoys. Lot 31.

For prior photos, go >HERE<.

Porcelain Collectables by Jack Cashmere

Jack Cashmere, of Cashmere's Collectables, is well known for his fabulous miniature porcelain collectables in 1:12 scale. He makes colorful majolica plates, vases and tureens, with or without detailed three-dimensional fruit and flowers. He also creates Staffordshire figures with charming animal companions, lamp bases, Wedgwood style vases and exquisite candleholders. You can count on Jack to have that something special to add the perfect finishing touch to a room. JackCashmere@aol.com, http://cashmerecollectables.com

Porcelain compote with Staffordshire figures.
Porcelain compote with Staffordshire figures.
Lovely pair of porcelain candlesticks with bird figures.
Beautifully detailed porcelain vase with handles.
Charming hand-painted porcelain teapot.

Accessories & Vintage: Babs & J

Joan Wion of "Babs & J" is a long-time dealer at Good Sam. She carries an eclectic collection of 1:12 scale vintage furniture and fine accessories to add character to a room setting. You will find an exciting mix of interesting vintage finds and miniature collectibles on her table. Do stop by and take a look. joan@saber.net

Photo taken at Joan Wion's table (2012 Good Sam Show).

Collectibles & Figures: Carla Gaustad

Carla Gaustad specializes in unique, exceptional miniatures by the finest international miniature artisans of our day. She has been a dealer at Good Sam for more than twenty years. Do stop by Carla's  table at this year's show. You are sure to be delighted by her exciting 1:12 scale offerings. 949-768-5636, jgaustad1@cox.net

One-of-a-kind toy dollies handcrafted by the talented Kathi Kuti, Canada.
Handmade pull toys by Amanda E. Skinner, U.S.

Offerings on Carla Gaustad's table at the 2012 Good Sam Show.

To see some of Carla Gaustad's prior offerings go here.

Figures by Debra Hammond

Debra Hammond, Charleston, South Carolina has been a dealer at Good Sam since 2008.  She specializes in porcelain dolls in one-inch scale and half-inch scale. She also carries some fine handcrafted wood furniture.  debraisland@gmail.com

Nanny porcelain figure in 1:12 scale by Debra Hammond with wicker bassinet by Rhea Strange, Rhea's Wicker.
Porcelain adults and children in period costumes (1:12 scale). Photograph of Debra Hammond's table at the 2012 Good Sam Show.

To see more of Debra Hammond's figures, to here.

Small Scale: Grandt Line Products

Phyllis Nishimori and her sister Liz Aduan of Grandt Line Products offer delightful 1:48 and 1:144 scale project kits. Their small fantasyland designs are loaded with creativity and whimsy. Many kits are inspired by 1930s Disney movies and 1940s children books. They also offer "pothead" mini kits, unpainted quarter-scale metal figures, and other fun stuff. They will be introducing the three new kits shown here at this year's show. 925-671-0143, grandt@pacbell.net, http://www.grandtline.com
"So Many Frogs, So Little Time" quarter-scale kit.
"Spooky Hollow" kit in 1:144 scale.
"Snickerdoodle Lane" quarter-scale kit.

To see more Grandt Line Products, go here and here.

Handmade Apparel & More: Amy Doucette-Allen

Amy Doucette-Allen, Handworks, makes 1:12 scale clothing for adults, children and babies. She hand crochets afghans along with other items, and offers additional miscellanies at her table. abdouce@comcast.net, http://handworks-miniatures.com, eBay store: www.stores.ebay.com/Handworks-Collectibles

Amy Doucette-Allen (Handworks) table at the 2012 Good Sam Show.

To see more handmade items by Amy Doucette-Allen go here and here.

Anthro Animals & Toys: Paulette Svec

Long-time dealer Paulette Svec from Texas has been coming to Good Sam since 1996. Her handcrafted whimsical anthropomorphic (anthro) jointed animals range in size from less than one-inch to six-inches.  She makes doll trunks, holiday accessories, small stuffed animals, and more. Shop early as Paulette sells out quickly. By Sunday her table is beginning to look mighty sparse. psvecmini@yahoo.com

Charming Giraffe family. Mama's hat is hand-crocheted by Paulette.

To see more photos of Paulette Svec's work, go here, here and here.

Furniture, Accessories & More - Peg's Dollhouse

Peg Puckett, Santa Rosa, CA, sells as Peg's Dollhouse. She has a little bit of everything--vintage, one-of-a-kind, and hand-painted. For many years, Peg owned a large miniature shop with museum. She now has a small shop on her property which is open most days by appointment. Peg gets many estates to sell, and has artisans who hand-paint furniture and accessories for her. Peg's table is loaded with reasonable priced items as she prides herself in passing on savings to her customers. To visit her shop, call or send an email. 707-823-3478, PegsDollhouse@att.net

One of the displays on Peg Puckett's "Peg's Dollhouse" table at the 2012 Good Sam Show.

Vintage, Antique & Much More - Red Bow

Sara Risley of Tucson, Arizona sells as Red Bow. She has attended Good Sam since 2011. She specializes in vintage and antique miniatures--and carries an interesting and diverse selection of (mostly) 1:12 scale. Some of the antique pieces run a bit larger. The unique offerings on her table are sure to delight. srisley@mcn.org

Selection of offerings on the table of Sara Risley, Red Bow.

To see some of Sara Risley's offerings from last year, go here and here.

Fine Woods & Supplies - S.H. & M. Goode Workshop

When it comes to fine hardwoods and related supplies for miniaturists, the offerings from S. H. and M. Goode Workshop are unique. Stephen & Mary Anna Goode carry a fabulous selection of hardwoods and exotic woods in one-inch, half-inch, quarter-inch, and even smaller scale. They also offer several exceptional tools for any miniaturist's tool box. Personal favorites are their Sanding Sticks and Zippy Flooring weights.  805-460-9663, wood2scale@earthlink.net, http://shgoode.com

S. H. and M. Goode Workshop table at the 2012 Good Sam Show.

To see additional photos, go here.

Quarter-Scale Furniture & More: Silver Fox

Barbara Greene from Canada sells as Silver Fox Creations.  She specializes in quarter-scale miniatures and is the exclusive distributor of Bespaq's exceptionally fine line of quarter-scale furniture. She offers fine quality wallpaper, carpets, lighting, furnishings, kitchen accessories, and more. barbara@silverfoxcreations.com, http://www.silverfoxcreations.com

Quarter-scale living room furniture by Bespaq with a fine selection of accessories and rug.

To see more of Barbara Greene's offerings, go here and here.

Furniture, Accessories & More: Joan Liponi, Such Things

Long-time dealer Joan Such Liponi of Santa Barbara, CA sells as Such Things. She makes a diverse--and really interesting--range of furniture and accessories for use in miniature scenes. She offers an excellent selection of eye-catching and unusual one-of-a-kind 1:12 scale pieces for collectors. Do look for her table at Good Sam, as she does shows only.

Display on Joan Such Liponi's table at the 2012 Good Sam Show.

To see more of Joan's work, go here.

Dollhouses & Room Boxes: Susan Overtoom

Sue Overtoom of Redondo Beach, CA sells as Susie O's Dollhouses. Working in 1-inch scale and 1/2-inch scale, she makes an excellent selection of dollhouses, room boxes and shops.  If you need a structure for a scene you are creating--or are looking for inspiration--do stop by her table.  Sue offers a very nice selection from which to choose. sover81872@verizon.net

Handsome room box with fireplace in 1:12 scale. Electrified.

To see more of Sue Overtoom's  work, go here.

Food & Flowers by Pat Richmond, Twin Heart

Pat Richmond of Los Angeles, CA has been a dealer at Good Sam since 2007.  Selling as Twin Heart, she makes a wide range of very reasonably priced 1:12 scale produce, flowering bulbs and plants. Her vegetables and fruits are wonderfully realistic. Pat's flowering plants and spring bulbs are available either in full bloom or with buds almost ready to open. She always has new and different work available. Do stop by Pat's table. It is great fun. pat@twinheart.com, http://www.twinheart.com

Vegetables, yellow roses, baskets, and egg collection with broken raw eggs and some halves of hard-boiled eggs. Table courtesy of Shellie's Miniature Mania.
Pumpkins, containers and more on display at Pat's table (2012 Good Sam Show).
Display of lots of different vegetables and baskets available at Pat's table (2012 Good Sam Show).

To see more of Pat Richmond's work, go here.

Ethnic & Nature Arts from XYZZX Creations

Bill and Joan Beiriger of Livermore, CA sell as XYZZX Creations. They carry a nice selection of ethnic and nature arts in 1:12 scale. Their decorative arts range across African, Oceana (Pacific Islands), Northwest, Southwest, and Egyptian. They also have some Mexican wood carvings, pottery, sea life and mineral art objects. The Beirigers always have some new and interesting decorative items to offer. xyzzx@xyzzx.com, http://www.xyzzx.com

African cloth design and figure plus two masks modeled after those from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. 1:12 scale.
Delightful selection of different species of cacti in various sizes and shapes. 1:12 scale.

To see more of the Beirigers offerings, go here.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

From the Chairman: 2013 Good Sam Show Ad

We would like to share this Ad for the first Good Sam Academy of Miniatures being held Oct 14-18, 2013 at our Morgan Hill, CA facility. It appears on page 9 of the August 2013 American Miniaturist (Issue #124).

For available classes, go here: http://goodsamshowcase.miniature.net/goodsamacademy.htm. Send in your GSAM registrations now, before your favorite class gets filled.

Sept 28 Estate Sale in Morgan Hill

This huge Estate Sale has more than 100 lots of reasonably priced miniatures for sale. Most are 1-inch scale. The sale will be held Sept 28 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at our facility at 315 Digital Drive, Morgan Hill, CA. Here are some of the offerings.

Floral love seat and two arm chairs, Lot 8.
Two matching wooden beds with mattresses and floral coverings, Lot 7.
Resin wicker love seat and two arm chairs, Lot 6.
Contemporary bedroom set with bed, dresser and armoire, Lot 12.
Two fabulous vintage wooden automobiles - close to 1-inch scale, Lot 11.
Fanciful white wire nursery crib set, Lot 10.

Available now are two fabulous 9-room, 4-ft long mansions with finished exterior, some interior details, and electrical wiring. Each is priced at $500 or best offer. Delivery available in the Bay Area. Contact hufstuff2003@yahoo.com for more details.

For prior posted photos, including the two 9-room mansions, go <HERE>.

Layne Halliday Fine Furniture: Friday Workshop & More

Layne Halliday is a long-time dealer at Good Sam.  Her line of fine 1:12 scale miniatures includes tables, chairs, chests, desks, room boxes, and more. Passionate about the beauty of wood, Layne's parquetry and marquetry miniatures with exotic woods from around the world are sure to delight. She is offering a Friday workshop. layne@laynesfineminiatures.comhttp://laynesfineminiatures.com/

Friday Workshop: "Veneered Table" in 1:12 scale. Students will learn how to make a delightful table with a veneer top. All skill levels are welcome. For registration information, go >HERE<
Walnut Sideboard, 1:12 scale.
Folding Pump Organ, 1:12 scale.
Layne Halliday's table at 2012 Good Sam Show.
Handcrafted furniture by Layne Halliday (2012 Good Sam Show).

To see more of Layne's fine handcrafted furniture, go here.

Folk Art & Painter: Phyllis Hawkes Studio

Last year, Phyllis Hawkes of Phyllis Hawkes Studio attended Good Sam for the first time. She paints 1:12 scale fine art and folk art reproductions as well as antique, contemporary and custom signs. She also paints furniture and, most recently, added small acrylic paintings into her line. In March 2013, Phyllis achieved the status of IGMA Fellow. She accepts commissions.  phyllis.hawkes@comcast.net, http://www.phyllishawkesstudio.com/

Princess Louise Marie, French Rococo Portrait by Jean-Marc Nattier.
Portrait of Augusta Maria Foster, American Folk Painting by Ammi Phillips.
The Victorian Chair, American Impressionist Painting by Childe Hassam.
Floral Bouquet, Dutch Master Floral by Rachel Ruysch.
King Henry VIII Inn Sign, similar to a tavern sign in Hever, Kent, England.
"Billiards" and "Black Cat" small signs, from a catalog.
Thanksgiving holiday sign, original.
"Kitten with Yarn" small acrylic painting, after Henriette Roner Knip painting.
Table display at the 2012 Good Sam Show.

To see more of Phyllis Hawkes work, go here.