Each year, the Show brings together more than 100 U.S. and international artisans and dealers, including a number of I.G.M.A. Artisans and Fellows. They offer collectors unique, well-crafted 1-inch, 1/2-inch, and 1/4-inch scale miniatures from around the world.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

From the Chairman - New Magazine Covers

The Good Sam show has an article in the July/August 2012 issue of Dollhouse Miniatures magazine. It is a gallery featuring the work of the fine furniture artisans who were dealers at the 2011 show. Each year, highly talented miniature furniture makers within the U.S. and from Canada, England, Europe and Japan attend Good Sam. They offer an amazing range of exceptional furniture.

This unique Butterfly Collector's table and chair from the Steampunk Collection of Brian "Rainbow Hand" and Kathy Tepper is on the cover.

In a two-part gallery, the February 2013 issue of American Miniaturist showcases the "small scale" artisans who participated in the 2012 Good Sam Show. Part one devotes 13 pages to the work of seven artisans at the show who offer kits to build small scale structures. Part two has 8 pages on the unique offerings of six artisans at Good Sam who sell small scale food, furniture, accessories and landscaping.

Rustic lighthouse in quarter-scale by Mel Yost, Mel's Miniatures, is on the cover.

To order a copy of either magazine, email usoffice@ashdown.co.uk or go to http://www.craft-club.com/usa. Downloadable issues and overseas shipping available. 

From the Show - Quarter Scale

Mel Yost, Mel's Miniatures, Sunriver, Oregon, handcrafts unique quarter-scale structures using all natural materials including local Oregon woods, cones, lava rocks, stones, etc. Each small building is placed on a natural base such as walnut burl or birds-eye maple. All structures are open at the back. He also makes 1/4" scale furniture from the same manzanita and bitterbrush wood used for his structures. Along with his wife Janet, Mel has attended Good Sam for most of the last ten years. MelvinJanet@aol.com

Lighted lighthouse photographed on showroom floor.
Stone lighthouse with whimsical stove pipe chimney, copper trimmed windows, and water feature.
Tiny tree house made with all natural materials, quarter-scale. Open at back.
Some of Mel's handcrafted cottages photographed at his table.
Tiny thatched roof cottage on birds-eye maple base, quarter-scale. Open at back.
Whimsical tree house on natural wood landscaped base, quarter-scale. Open at back. Quarter-scale.
Lighted cottage will loads of natural trims, copper windows, and stone chimney, 1/4" scale. From the 2007 Show. Photo courtesy of Connie Sauve.
Fabulous tree house made with all natural Oregon woods and other materials, 1/4" scale. From the 2007 Show. Photo courtesy of Connie Sauve.

At the Show - Store Fixtures

Mike Sickenger, M & M Specialties, Farmington, New Mexico, expertly handcrafts a wide selection of sales counters, display counters, and display shelves in 1:12 scale. His shop items come unfinished and are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Several pieces have mirrored backs. New to Good Sam in 2012, Mike's table is great fun to explore.  msickenger@hotmail.com

At the Show - Wright Guide Miniatures

Mary Ann and Grover Ledyard, Wright Guide Miniatures, handcraft authentic looking 1:12 scale accessories. Their range of merchandise includes an old-fashioned candy store, doctor/dental office, general store, meat market, shoe cobbler, veterinary/pet shop, and much more. Every item they make is high quality, sold individually, and reasonably priced. Their general store of yesteryear was featured in the January/February 2013 issue of Dollhouse Miniatures magazine. wgminiatures@aol.com, www.wrightguideminis.com

Old-fashioned Meat Market. Photo taken on showroom floor.
1950s soda fountain. Photo taken on showroom floor.

To see more Wright Guide Miniatures go here and here.

At the Show - Wine Making Accessories

Jan Yinger, Minuette Minis, Inverness, Florida has been handcrafting inventive high quality miniatures for more than 40 years. Her lines include Bath & Beauty, Cheese, Cowboy, Seaside and much more. A family member of Mary Ann & Grover Ledyard (Wright Guide Miniatures), she was a dealer at the 2012 Good Sam Show. The Sept/Oct 2012 issue of Dollhouse Miniatures magazine has a delightful article on Jan's 1950's Beauty Shoppe.  jan@minuetteminis.com, http://www.minuetteminis.com

Accessories for a wine making scene or wine cellar.

2013 MiniCals Workshop Series

This is a reminder of the upcoming MiniCals Workshops through June 2013. All classes are 1-inch scale and will be held at 315 Digital Drive, Morgan Hill, CA. (The first 2013 workshop, "French Boulangerie (bakery)" was held on January 19.)

*February 16:  Experiment with fimo, kitchen clay and air dry clay making breads and cakes.  Learn coloring techniques for your baked goods.  They will look great in the display window built in January’s workshop.  Molds, paints and clays will be provided. $15

March 23:  Learn a paint/tissue/glue texturing technique for the exterior of a vignette box.  Make an egg carton/slate floor and electrify the box. $25

*April 27:  We will build and tile a sink/cabinet/wine rack and paint wine bottles.  This could be a sink/cabinet without a wine rack if that is your choice.  This will furnish the March workshop vignette. $20

May 18:  Regular solder vs. liquid solder.  Experiment with both and you will complete a simple metal project in 1 inch scale. $17

June 22:  Learn how to create decals and decorate plates. $15

A basic toolbox and gluing jig is all that is needed.
Reservations are now being taken. If you are interested email Ruth Heisch.
Shoebox sales will be offered.  Bring a sack lunch. Hot and cold beverages will be provided.
If you have questions, call Ruth @ 408-997-1004 or grouchybeartoo@aol.com
Karen Laisure@408-436-3955, cell 408-688-4799, klaisure@aol.com

Make checks payable to Ruth Heisch, 7197 Wooded Lake Dive, San Jose, CA 95120


At the Show - Exhibit

This week's enchanting exhibit--the Little Cobbler Shop--has a "once-upon-a-time" fantasy quality about it. Totally captivating in design, the Cobbler Shop looks as though it fell out of a fairytale. Photographed at the 2012 Good Sam Show by Connie Sauve, Exhibit Chairman.

"I built this little cobbler shop after seeing a shop made by Wright Guide Miniatures," says Don Silva of Modesto, California. "I made most of the furniture and cabinets. I built the building from scratch."  In 1:12 scale, it is 24-inches wide, 24-inches deep, and stands 27-inches high.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

At the Show - Outhouse and Art Doors

A dealer at Good Sam for more than 14 years, Dr. Ken Byers, Shaker Works West, is sharing his new 1:12 scale Americana outhouse and Art Doors with us. Ken's latest structure "The Olde Mill Chocolate Factory" (circa 1900) will be featured in the March-April 2013 issue of Dollhouse Miniatures magazine. Don't miss it. mekendar@pacbell.net, www.shakerworkswest.com

The American Privy is a lighted 5" x 7" (plus frame) classic piece of Americana to hang on the wall. Students will build and paint Ken's delightful Outhouse at a workshop on Thursday, April 18, at the 2013 Tom Bishop Chicago International Show. Space will be limited so students should sign up early.

The American Privy (Outhouse)

Ken's lighted museum quality Art Doors include a New York Brownstone, an Italian Tuscany house, and a collection of Mexico's historic San Miguel de Allende doors. Many date back to the early 1700s. Cast in composite materials, each piece is meticulously hand-finished in original colors. All of these wall hanging doors are approximately 8-1/2" x 10" and framed as shown. This first series is limited to 25 reproductions of each door and is offered at $375 each.

New York Brownstone door.
Free standing shelf sculpture - 5" wide x  7" tall.
Italian Tuscany door.

Los Suspiros 3A door (San Miguel de Allende).

Calzada de La Luz 32 door (San Miguel de Allende).

Loreto 70 door (San Miguel de Allende).

San Jose 12 door (San Miguel de Allende).

You can see more of Ken's door art at http://door-arts.com/. 

At the Show - Artisan Food

An IGMA Fellow, Jan Patrie of Autumn Leaf Studio makes an impressive smorgasbord of hand sculpted 1:12 scale items ranging across Happy Hour drinks and tidbits, Pot Luck, Farmer's Market and Bake Sale. Her interests are so varied that new items are always forthcoming. Jan accepts special orders. Stop by her table at this year's Good Sam Show. You will be delighted.
Jan@AutumnLeafStudio.com, www.autumnleafstudio.com

Basket of spilled eggs on chair. Table with basket of carrots and parsnips, bowl with peas and tomatoes, orange marmalade jar, canning jars with carrots and green beans, blackberry basket, peeled banana, and pan of bread. Table and chairs by Ken Byers, Shaker Works West.

Carafe of oil+vinegar, basket of eggs, glass jars of layered olives (and more).
From the showroom floor, chicken soup with homemade noodles in progress. Handcrafted trestle table by Jan sold on her website.
Hors d'oeuvre platters, wood preparation trays, and more. Photo taken on showroom floor.
Basket of fresh peaches, with one cut in half.
Pizza with slice. Dark beer sold in stein, pilsner and bottle.
T-bone steak dinner. Red wine sold by glass, carafe and bottle.
Lobster tail and salmon filet meals. White wine sold by glass, carafe and bottle.
Pitcher and glasses of Mexican Jamaica (Hibiscus iced tea) and Tequila in wicker tray by Uncle Ciggie (http://uncleciggie.com/miniatures/). Special order. Platter of nachos with salsa.
Mexican Hot Chocolate in wicker tray by Uncle Ciggie. Traditional Mexican flan with caramel sauce. Special order.

Fried chicken. Macaroni and cheese casserole. Light beer sold in bottle, stein and pilsner.
Prime rib with dipping au jus, split dinner roll, and creamed corn. Southern Comfort sold by the bottle and on the rocks.
Bowl of mixed peanuts. Tray of mixed drinks. Appetizer of caviar with cream cheese and crackers.
Tray of individual chocolate desserts. Special order. Red wine sold by glass, carafe and bottle.
Traditional celebratory cuisine of the Old South includes fried chicken, baked ham, black-eyed peas, collard greens, tomatoes, and cornbread, with pecan pie and key-lime pie for dessert. Special order.

At the Show - Exhibits

This week's exhibits from the 2012 Good Sam Show are 1:12 scale and reflect great attention to detail. Both serve as a reminder that the only limit to what you make in miniature is your imagination. Photos courtesy of Connie Sauve, Exhibit Chairman.

"Blue Moon Pottery" was created by Phyllis Hedman, San Jose, CA to showcase her blue pottery collection. For viewing, the shop has a large bay window at the front and a glass top to look down through. It is 13-inches wide, 12-1/2 inches deep, and 11-inches tall. Phyllis is a member of the Good Sam Committee and the Show's Dealer and Finance Chairman.

"The Conservatory" by Frank Galica, San Jose, CA is a truly unique glass structure. Small and intimate, it is 8-inches wide, 8-1/2 inches deep, and 12-inches tall. Frank wrote on his Exhibit Entry form that he created this glass conservatory for his wife.